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How do you clean a dirty headlight lens?

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2014-08-30 19:04:30

------------- i have the plastic light lenses on my car they

were all foggy and yellowish i put a small buffer pad on a drill

applied sone mild polishing compound on it and buffed away then did

it with wax they came out like brand new it was very easy


Cleaning a dirty headlight lens requires a product or products

and techniques suited to the material the lens is made of and the

kind of "dirt" on the lens. Let's look.

Generally the problem is oxidation, If uninhibited it will form

naturally on acrylics exposed to heat and moisture creating a thin

veil over the lens that gets thicker over time. There are two ways

to address oxidation.

There is the easy way:

1. Use a acrylic lens deoxidizer,

I recommend Pittman Original ALR. its a non abrasive DIY

solution that takes seconds

Or you could do it the hard way

2. Use a polish , which is abrasive which I don't advise

for oxidation removal on acrylic or plastic.

First you need to have a better understanding about headlight

construction before you start.

A lens could be made of glass. In this case, just about any

glass cleaner would work. (Avoid abrasives; they could scratch the

glass.) If road tar or tree sap is the problem, a solvent will be

needed, and car parts places as well as good hardware stores have

what you need.

In the case of a plastic lens, cleaning is accomplished with

glass or plastic cleaner in a manner similar to what is used on a

glass lens. If road tar or other gunk that is not water soluble

ends up on the lens, a solvent is called for. Be sure to get one

that won't attack the plastic. (Try a tiny amount in a lower corner

before applying it wholesale.) Lastly, a plastic lens can oxidize

where a glass lens will not. Often we see a plastic lens take on a

"white-ish" or possibly a "frosted" look. In this case, the surface

layer of the plastic will have to be removed, and it will have to

be "polished off" by some means.

The reconditioning of a plastic auto headlight lens is probably

best left to professionals who have equipment as well as the

appropriate polishing compound (s). But if you are a hard core

do-it-yourselfer, start researching the materials and equipment

you'll need to do the job. There are kits out there you might try,

too. Do your homework, and begin at an auto parts place, hit some

body shops, and particularly some big auto detail shops. Certainly

the web can help.

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