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This is how I do it,I put comet all over the shower use a little water at a time,I use a tuff toilet brush and scrub really might have to do a little at a time depending on how thick it may be.After you you scrub it in really well let it sit for about an hour.Then go back wash it down with a sponge.


Wash it with warm water mixed with white vinegar. Overtime the hard water buildup will disappear. Good luck

White vinegar has been proven to work to remove hard water stains shower walls. See the step by step method below:

Natural Formula to Use:
Pure white vinegar

Method to Use:

1.Fill a clean spray bottle with pure vinegar

2.Spray the vinegar freely over the shower and wait for a few minutes

3.If stains are stubborn spray more vinegar and wait a while longer

4.Simply wipe away with a clean cloth to reveal the shine

Sometimes stains are extra stubborn - for this make a paste of white vinegar and baking soda and scrub gently with a soft brush or sponge. Never use an abrasive cleaner like scouring pads, powders or steel wool as this will scratch the surface.

Also, installing a shower filter will remove all the hard water minerals from your water and prevent the stains from forming again on the shower walls, meaning less cleaning!

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Q: How do you clean shower walls that have hard water buildup?
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Remove the water saver device in the shower head. Dissolve mineral buildup in the shower head by soaking the head in vinegar. Replace the supply pipes to the shower if they are clogged with mineral buildup.

How do you remove soap scum from shower granite walls?

To clean the soap scum from your granite shower walls you will have to first wet the walls. Then, use a razor to carefully take off the soap scum. Wet the area with hot water. You will then want to clean the area with a toothbrush. Finally, wipe the area with a soft cloth.

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Most likely, your shower is tiled, and the water is eroding your grout, causing a buildup at the water line. Most tubs only have tiled surround so the water doesn't get blocked up.

How can I protect my shower curtains from water stains?

Shower curtains should be washed regularily to prevent calcium buildup or other stains on them.

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By opening the walls

How does steam from your shower effect your bath room walls this is not a joke?

Steam from your shower can indeed effect the bathroom walls. You should wash your bathroom walls on a regular basis. Mold can grow from excess water or even the steam from your shower.

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Clean the shower head of mineral deposits

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