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the same as before. whoever told you that you didnt have to shock and use algaecide lied. the same as before. whoever told you that you didnt have to shock and use algaecide lied.

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Q: How do you close a salt chlorinated pool if before the salt chlorine generator you would shock the pool and add algaecide but you have never had to do this with the salt system?
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Do you have to drain traditional chlorinated water before switching to salt water pump?

no, and I think you mean "salt water chlorine generator" not "salt water pump"

Salt chlorinated pool gone green what do you do?

The fact that you use Salt Chlorine Generator does not change much. Just as before your best to take a water sample in to your local dealer to get tested and they can tell you what you need to do.

Why is it important to shower before swimming in a chlorinated pool?

It is a good idea to clean yourself before going into any pool chlorinated or otherwise the dirtier you are when entering a pool the greater the strain on the existing chlorine in the pool leading to the need for more chlorine and a increased risk of passing on or piking up illnesses from other swimmers.

Should you swim in a highly chlorinated pool?

What do you mean by highly chlorinated? If you mean the pool was just shocked, and the chlorine level is high, you may want to wait a few hours before swimming. If you mean it smells high in chlorine, it means the chlorine is combined. Combined chlorine is attached to the things it's meant to kill, such as urine, bacteria or body oils, etc. Free chlorine is chlorine ready to do it's job and doesn't smell heavy of chlorine. A public pool that smells heavy of chlorine is nastier than one that doesn't.

What can put on to the skin before going into the chlorinated water pool in order to avoid the damge caused by the chlorine?

There is nothing you can do about it. in any case the damage done to your skin by chlorine is no worse then using soap when you have a shower.

What should I know before buying a pool chlorine generator?

What size pool you have. and any other regulations that may be in place in you community.

How do you remove chloramines from pool water?

Turn on your salt-water chlorine generator, do water changes, make people rinse off before entering.

Can brook trout survive in chlorinated tap water?

Chlorinated water is dangerous to fish. If you want to keep them in a tank, the water has to set for 24 hours before placing fish in it. You can purchase the chemical at any pet store that will remove chlorine instantly. Trout also have to have cold water to survive. That makes it difficult to keep them as pets.

What happens when you flush the toilet?

The sewage goes into a collection system, goes through a great filtration process, and is then pushed into a body of water. Towards the end of this process, before being deposited, it is chlorinated to kill any remaining bacteria, and then de-chlorinated because...well...chlorine isn't good to deposit into big bodies of water.

What percent of power drops before generator starts?

On a standby generator 100 percent of the power drops before the generator will start.

What happens to red hair when it is in chlorinated water?

== == == == I have natural light red hair and if i swim too often in chlorinated pools without using special shampoo after my hair will turn a tinge of green. Wetting your hair in normal water before hand helps too absorb so much chlorine, and using tomato sauce in your hair helps to get the colour green out if your hair changes colour. From what I can find out natural or dyed red hair is resistant to colour change in chlorinated water. However as chlorine is a bleaching agent the colour will fade if you swim a lot with unprotected hair.

Is tap water safe for tiger barb fish?

Chlorinated water needs to be treated before use in any fish tank. It's not just chlorine that's added to tap water that's harmful, but chloramines as well.

What is responsible for making the hole in the ozone layer?

Monatomic chlorine transported by chlorinated-fluorinated hydrocarbons (e.g. freons, CFCs) used in refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, aerosol cans, etc. The monatomic chlorine acts as a catalyst, with one chlorine atom decomposing many thousands of molecules of ozone to oxygen before being removed or neutralized. This effect is many orders of magnitude larger than the natural variation with the seasons and has the potential of destroying the entire ozone layer if the use of chlorinated-fluorinated hydrocarbons is uncontrolled. However, fluorinated hydrocarbons (FCs) and hydro-chlorinated-fluorinated hydrocarbons (HCFCs) can perform the same functions as CFCs without transporting chlorine to the ozone layer. FCs contain no chlorine and HCFCs break apart in the lower atmosphere.

Can goldfish go in tap water?

Goldfish are fairly hardy and can survive most municipal tap water, no matter how bad. If the tap water is chlorinated it should be allowed to stand open for a day to let the chlorine gas off before the fish are put in it.

Can you go swimming in chlorinated water after a nose piercing of a week?

Wait 2-3 months before submerging it in water. It isnt the chlorine that you should worry about. Water is FILTHY an all of those germs with a new piercing greatly increases the risk of infection

Why did my pool water turn brown when I turned on my salt water chlorine generator?

It's doubtful that the problem is related to the salt or the chlorine generator, assuming that the pool was a chlorine pool before the installation of the system. If it was a Biguanide pool, that might explain it but generally the reaction is grey and cloudy, not brown. If the pool was turned off for an extended period of time, it is more likely that something came out of the filter and plumbing. You can email with a better description as to pool type, how old, what you were using before the salt system, and how long the pool was down, etc. for a more complete answer.

What amount of time does it take for chlorine to take before you get in?

The chlorine should be well circulated for about 2 hours before going in.

What would become a negative ion before bonding aluminum or chlorine?


Should you turn off a portable generator before turning off the appliances it powers?

All items being powered by the generator should be turned off before turning off the generator. Or damage could result to both the appliance and the generator.

How To Purify Water For Baths and Showers?

Your water supply takes a long journey before it is delivered to your bathtub and shower faucets. We would all love to have a water supply that comes from the most isolated mountain springs that has the purest water available. However, that’s not realistic. The reality is that the two main supplies are ground water (underground wells) and surface water (rivers, lakes, streams.) All water supplies are prone to harmful substances that can cause mild to severe health problems. Water is treated with multiple chemicals and processes before it is delivered to homes. One of the most common chemicals that is used to treat water is Chlorine. The smell, taste, appearance, and name of Chlorine is something that is familiar to everyone who has ever swam in a pool and opened a faucet. For more than a century, Chlorine has been used to disinfect water from harmful substances and diseases, like Cholera. When Chlorine and Ammonia are applied to a water supply simultaneously, a by product is Chloramine. Chlorine and Chloramine are two different substances and act independently in the water supply. So when it comes to delivering a disease free water supply, Chlorine gets the job done. However, while Chlorine kills bacteria in water, it creates other harmful effects on the human body. Chlorinated water causes dryness, irritations, and rashes on the skin. Chlorinated water also causes irritations and burning of the eyes. Chlorinated Water also leaves hair brittle and dry, causing further scalp damage. The steam (gases) of Chlorinated water also have adverse effects on the lungs and create respiratory problems. Additionally, the strong smell of Chlorinated Water is unpleasant. These are all familiar symptoms of swimming in a pool. But guess what? Your household water supply is also full of chlorine. So you can’t quite escape chlorinated water, even in your own home when taking a bathtub or shower. Municipal water supplies apply Chlorine before delivering it into your home. Therefore, it is important to de-chlorinate your water supply. Whole house waters filters can cost thousands of dollars to install, and they require a lot of maintenance and additional costs. Also, drinking water with small concentrations of Chlorine does not pose any major risks. Rather, taking baths and showers with Chlorinated water can be more harmful than drinking it. The most economical and simple solutions to removing Chlorine from your water are bathtub filters and shower filters. These are simple, small and inexpensive balls or pouches that are simply placed in the water of a bathtub or installed on the showerhead to filter Chlorinated water. These bathtub and shower filters are very efficient, as they remove more than 90% of Chlorine in water. The filters use KDF (Kinetic Degradation Fluxion) media, which is a high-purity copper-zinc formulation that creates a simple chemical process known as redox (oxidation/reduction) to filter chlorine out of water.

Generator Rental?

form_title= Generator Rental form_header= Save money and rent a generator in case of emergencies. Do you want to rent the generator on a month to month basis?*= () Yes () No Have you ever operated a generator before?*= () Yes () No Do you need the generator delivered?*= () Yes () No

Do free chlorine need to be lowered before swimming?

No it does not have to be. It is just a measure of how usable the chlorine is.

What kind of algaecide can you put in a salt water pool?

Salt systems are compatible with all algaecides except those that are Sodium Bromide based. This algaecides are typically marketed under the name "Yellow Shock" check the active ingredient on the algaecide before you use it.

What settings do I need to set on a generator before I use it?

This depends on the type of generator you are using. It is recommended for you to follow the direction booklet before operating any machinery with which you are not familiar with.

What has to be crossed before the neuron fires?

Generator potential