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How do you connect a Sony digital camera with a USB mini B cable to an Epson photo printer?

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If the camera supports direct printing or the printer supports direct connection to a camera (which it sounds like they don't) you would simply connect them together using the apprpriate USB cable.

Otherwise, you need to use a PC or a laptop with at least two USB ports (one for each device) and the appropriate software installed.

The software to retrieve the photographs is usually bundled with the camera. Printers also need their drivers installed to work properly.

Most PC's and laptops support USB these days.

2015-07-15 19:24:42
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Is there a digital camera printer that will print directly from your cameras memory card?

Yes, there are many printers that will do that. The new Epson, HP and Dell printers have a memory card spot to print directly from your camera. Sometimes, there will even be a USB connection to connect straight to your camera from your printer.

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Using the usb cable that came with the printer.

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first of all plug in usb to parallel printer cable into the computer windows automatically installed found new hardware after that connect the cable into your printer

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