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make sure the coil is a positive grounded coil, most are negative ground. battery just hooks up opposite to usual the coil is the only thing u need to make sure of

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When jumping a car do you connect positive one first?

Yes connect the positive first to the positive battery post, and then connect the negative ground to the engine somewhere and not to the battery.

Which terminal of bulb does connect with battery?

Center terminal is connected to the positive from the battery. Outside is connected to ground (-).

How do you hook the battery charger on a positive ground system?

Connect the positive clip of the charger onto the positive post of the dead battery. If the battery is located inside of a vehicle, connect the positive charger clip to a grounded surface--like an engine block--on the vehicle.

How do you connect battery charger cables to charge the battery in the car?

You connect the cables BEFORE you plug in or turn on the charger. Positive (red) to battery positive first, then negative (black) to battery ground. Then you turn on your charger and set the timer.

How do you jump start BMW x5?

Connect jumper cables from the positive battery post, on your BMW, to the positive battery post on the charged every. Connect the ground together. Allow the battery to charge for a minimum of 10 minutes.

How do you connect your radio to a twelve volt battery?

connect the power and acc wires together and put them on the positive and the ground to the negative

How do you install an ooo gah horn that is connected to the battery and has a push button?

Connect the positive lead to the battery or a spare positive terminal at the fuse panel, run it to the switch with an in-line fuse, run from there to the positive terminal on the horn. Mount the horn and connect the ground wire to ground on the chassis.

What is the proper way to disconnect and connect the batteres on a 350 ford diesel?

no matter what vehical it is, the proper way to disconnect a battery is to disconnect the ground side first ,then the positive side to reconnect it is exactly opposite you connect positive side irst then connect ground side ground side in case your not sure is the negative side of battery

How do you connect two 12 volt batteries into a 24 volt hitachi ex60 excavator?

Connect the two 12 volts batteries in Series. Battery 1 & 2. Connect the negative post (-) of battery 1 to the negative (-) ground cable. Then connect the positive (+) post of battery 1 to the negative (-) post of battery 2. Connect the positive (+) post of battery 2 to the positive (+) cable. You now have 24 volts as the batteries are wired in series.

How do you put 2 6 volt batteries into a Series circuit?

Take the # 1 battery and connect the positive cable to the vehicle. Then connect the negative cable on # 1 battery to the positive post on battery # 2. Finally connect the negative post on battery # 2 to ground on the vehicle. You will have 12 volts but only the amperage of #1 battery.

How do you replace battery cables?

You have to disconnect the ground wire from the block. You have to disconnect the positive wire from the starter and the alternator and the powerline going to the fuse box. and connect the new ground then the positive

How do you keep everything set when removing battery on 2008 Chevy Malibu?

I connect a spare battery to the system with jumper wires, positive to an accessory post on the vehicle and the ground to a good engine ground. Keep in mind the vehicles positive battery cable will be hot even after the vehicles battery is removed.

What is a positive ground battery?

positive pole

Do you connect the ground cable first on a car with a positive ground system when installing a battery?

No, the ground cable gets always disconnected first and connected last, regardless of ground polarity.

How do you hook up a 1990 ford f150 battery?

Answer Red cable (+) goes to starter solenoid and Positive side of battery Black (-) cable goes to engine ground. When disconnecting a battery always disconnect the ground cable from the battery first. When connecting a battery always connect the ground cable to the battery last.

Which car battery post should you connect first?

You should connect and disconnect the negative post first. This way, if your tool touches ground when you work on the positive post, you don't short circuit the battery.

Can you charge a battery in a 2004 buick rendevous while it is still connected in the car?

yes but remember to connect the positive (red) to the positive on the battery, and the negative (black) to a good ground ,away from the battery. this will prevent a spark near the battery and a possible explosion.

Which is the positive and which is the negative terminal on a 01 jeep grand cherokee battery?

The (Red) positive post is larger than the (Black) negative post and on almost every battery I have even see the + & - are embossed on the battery. The red, positive battery cable will go from the battery to the starter. The black, negative cable will connect to ground.

Change positive ground to negative old tractor?

---------------- You really don't need to replace anything! But his will allow you to ADD the more common negative ground accessories. This will work for tractors, trucks, cars... whatever. Switch the wires at the coil. Reverse your battery connections (turn your battery around and connect positive cable to positive post on the battery) and connect the negative cable to the ground. Connect a wire from the positive post of the battery. Take the other end of the wire and brush it against the "F" (field) post on the voltage regulator until you see a few sparks. DO NOT CONNECT THIS END, just brush it a couple times. Check all your fuses. Reverse the wires on your gauges or the display will be backwards.

Is your 1948 Ford Sedan Battery a Positive or Negative Ground?

Electrical sytem positive ground

Where is the connection point for battery ground cable on a K1500?

You can connect the battery ground cable to the frame of the vehicle or to the engine.

Where do you connect the battery ground cable?

To your vehicle chassis.

Which side is positive on a 1990 Mazda miata battery?

All batteries will have clearly marked posts, look for the molded + sign next to it or on the side of the battery. The grounding post will have a negative "-" sign next to it. If connecting your battery to the car, connect the positive post first, then the ground.

Is red positive or negative on a battery?

red is positive on a negative ground system

What is a positive terminal on a battery?

There are 2 battery terminals. A positive or hot and a negative or ground. The positive is slightly larger than the negative.

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