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you must install the program "ActiveSync" which is on a CD comes in the Imate package ..

but before u install it u have to update your windows and install the " service pack 2"

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โˆ™ 2007-10-09 03:52:48
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Q: How do you connect imate-Jamin with a Microsoft Windows Desktop PC or Laptop?
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What is necessary to make a remote connection to a person's desktop computer?

According to Windows Microsoft, in order to make a remote connection to a person's desktop computer, two computers are needed. And then a Remote Desktop application is needed in order to connect to the other computer.

Does every snap-in have the ability to connect to a remote computer?

yes it hasexplained belowThe Adminpak.msi file that is available for Windows XP is commonly used to remotely run administrative tasks on Microsoft Windows 2000-based and Microsoft Windows Server 2003-based computers and domains. The Adminpak.msi file includes a version from the Tsmmc.msc file that is called Remote Desktops. This tool (formerly known as Terminal Services Connections) is available as an MMC snap-in.Windows Server 2003 provides the ability to connect to the console (session 0) of a computer by using a Remote Desktop connection. Because of this, a Connect to Console check box is available in the user interface, but this feature only works when you connect to a Windows Server 2003-based computer.It is still possible to use the Remote Desktop tool to connect to a computer that is running Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, Terminal Server Edition, or Windows 2000 Server with Terminal Services enabled, but this creates a regular Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) session. The option to connect to the console session is ignored.However, if you connect to a Windows XP Professional-based computer with Remote Desktop enabled, you will always connect to the console session whether or not the Connect to Consolecheck box is selected because Windows XP Professional allows only this one specific remote desktop connection.

How do you connect a Windows XP computer to a windows 2003 Server?

With either a wireless network card or a Cat5 cable and a switch, hub, or do i connect my mifi4510l to my windows xp desktop?

How to connect to a remote computer?

You have to use remote desktop connection and know either the computer ip address where to wnat to connect to or full name. Start->All Programs->Aceessories->Communication->Remote Desktop Connection. P.S. You connect only to Windows Xp Pro or server versions (Windows 2003...). Windows Xp Home cannot be a remote computer where to want to connect to.

Remote Desktop allows a user to connect to and use their Windows XP computer from anywhere on the?


How do you connect a laptop to a desktop computer so it can be used as the only desktop monitor both computers are HP and have Windows 2000 what connector is needed and is software required?

== ==

What equipment is required to connect a Windows 98 desktop to a Windows ME laptop?

The equipment that are required to connect PC to laptop are 1.LAN card 2.ethernet adapter 3.UTP wire(1metre length)

What two windows applications uses the rdp protocol and port 3389?

RDP. Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is used by the Windows Remote Desktop and Remote Assistance utilities to connect to and control a remote computer. Remote Desktop and Remote Assistance listen at port 3389.

What is command to connect remote terminals?

Under Windows the command is mstsc.Microsoft terminal server connection

Which operating system enables you to implement homegroup?

Microsoft Windows products "Windows 7" and "Windows 8" and "8.1" allow you to set up homegroups and connect to each other.

What does a remote desktop do and where can I get one?

Remote Desktop Connection is a technology that allows you to sit at a computer and connect to a remote computer in a different location. You don't need to install it. In this version of Windows, Remote Desktop Connection is installed by default.

What does Microsoft use Microsoft Connect for?

Microsoft uses the Microsoft Connect platform to receive communication and listen to its users about Microsoft products. Microsoft connect is useful for reporting different types of bugs to Microsoft and finding software support.

Diffrent between Outlook express and Microsoft Outlook?

Outlook express is inbuilt software of microsoft Windows 2000 or Windows Xp & microsoft outlook u have to install throw ms office pack outlook express is non mapi client u cant connect outlook express directly to exchange server Microsoft outlook is mapi client u can directly connect to exchange server

Can you get Windows Messenger on Linux?

Microsoft does not make a messenger for Linux. However, several Linux clients can connect to the Windows Live Messenger network, such as Pidgin, Kopete, and aMSN.

Can you connect your PS3 to your desktop and use the wireless from your PS3 on your desktop?


What program operates remote desktop connection?

by default, windows has "mstsc.exe" or the Remote Desktop Connection by which it can connect to a system via network Or you can google for many other such softwares like Team Viewer etc...

Can you connect your desktop through your laptops wireless?

with windows xp home/pro/sp2, you can use the remote desktop connection, the server is already implemented in windows xp, the client can be downloaded free from microsoft. ( The client works well on old computers running windows 95 ^_^) The only trouble is that windows xp home/pro/sp2 only allow 1 working user at a time unless you use another software ( I use the xp unlimited terminal server) to unlock to 16 the number of active users. Hope it helps ^_^

Can you connect a camera to a desktop?

Yes, if you have the usb cable, you can connect it.

How do you print something off a windows laptop?

The same way you would a desktop. COnnect printer with usb install drivers etc and use normally

Which protocol is used to connect and use a remote computer program?

RDP. Remote desktop protocol in Microsoft systems. Also known as terminal services on port 3389.

How do you connect desktop USB to laptop?

USB means Universal Serival Bus it can connect to a Desktop / Laptop / Server. Thanks, Adamas

What are two windows components are used to share resources on a network and access those shared resorces?

NET meeting and Remote Desktop connection these are resourceful we use to connect each other specially Remote desktop connction

How many users can connect to a windows server 2008 computer at the same time using remote desktop without purchasing additional licenses?

two users

How can someone set up a remote desktop connection with Windows XP?

There are several steps for one to set up a remote desktop connection with WIndows XP. Remote desktop is a function that can only be set on Windows XP and Windows 2003. One may also make sure that one is logged on to the desktop as the administrator, in order to make changes on the desktop. The first step requires one to access the administrator account, once one have access the account, under the exception tabs, there would be a lists of programs and services. Apply the remote desktop option by ticking the box. Then confirm and permit remote desktop to connect with desktop by accessing the system properties. Once this step is completed, the remote connection feature can be activated, through the start menu.

Can you connect a wireless router to desktop PC?

Yes, you can. There are at least two ways. First one is to get a wireless adapter for your desktop. Second one is to use a LAN cable to connect your desktop to your router.