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Typical of most newer engines, the coil either is used to fire two plugs simutaneously, or each plug will have it's own coil. We will try the first.

A four cylinder engine has a typical firing order of 1342. If you split the running mates you end up with 14,& 32. The engine will have two coils, each with two high tension wires coming out and going to the repective plugs. So, that means one coil pack will operate cylinders 1&4, while the other will go to 3&2.

The other method with the plugs having it's own coil, the primary wires should be in a loom together at different lengths, and it would be hard to get them confused.

I solved the problem by looking how the leads are connected on a Peugeot 205. This has the same transistorised distributor. The firing order is 1 3 4 2 Where Plug 1 is on the RHS looking into the engine from the front and Plug 4 is on the LHS. Plug 1 connects to the Top LH Connector on the distributor (again looking from the front) Plug 2 connects to the Bottom LHS connector. Plug 3 connects to the bottom RH connector and Plug 4 connects to the top RH connector.

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Q: How do you connect the transistorized ignition to the spark plugs in a 1998 Peugeot 106?
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How do you replace the spark plugs on a Peugeot 307?

How do you replace the spark plugs on a Peugeot 307?

Where are the spark plugs on a 1.1 Peugeot 106?

the spark plugs on a 106 should be in the top of the engine on earlyer models you should see 4 leads conected to them. a later model may not have ignition leads but a sort of ignition pack on top of the engine. the plugs would be under this.

Where are the core plugs on a Peugeot 406?

on the engine

How do you remove spark plugs from Peugeot 205 look 1991?

Change one at a time. Pull out the ignition lead and then get a 10mm spark plug socket. Unscrew and then screw in the plug fingertight. When its finger tight, tighten 1/2 a turn. Push the ignition lead back in and repeat on the rest of the plugs.

How do you reset the immobilizer on a Peugeot 307?

disconnect it - jump the plugs at the ignition - fuse unit out off you go - or take 2/4 3/4 and short out the bti unit

Spark plugs cause the ignition in Diesel engines?

No, spark plugs do not cause ignition in diesels. The fuel compression causes ignition

Why does your Peugeot 306 have a misfire?

check plugs or coil packs..

On a direct injection peugeot 407 diesel are there heater plugs?


What are electronic ignition spark plugs?

all automotive plugs are electronic ignition now,unless you have a 73 or older with points. newer plugs have a wider gap than older plugs.and last longer.

Why would my peugeot 106 have no spark at the plugs?

your coil is most likely gone

Where is the ignition module 1984 Corvette?

The ignition module is located in the distributor under the rotor, it plugs in.

How do I replace glow plugs on a peugeot 405 turbo diesel?

To replace glow plugs on a Peugeot 405 turbo diesel, remove the connecting wire. Take off the 8 mm nut, followed by the 10 mm deep socket. Remove the old plugs and replace with new.

What is the life of spark plugs in a 2002 GM V6 electronic ignition?

Platinum spark plugs, 100K. Standard spark plugs, 50K.

Where is the ignition module located?

The ignition module is located between the starter and the spark plugs on most vehicles.

Where is the ignition module located 1984 corvette?

The ignition module is located in the distributor under the rotor, it plugs in.

How can you get a Peugeot 205 automatic 1996 started when there is no spark?

Change the Spark plugs, if not bin it

Where are the spark plugs located on a 2002 GMC Denali?

Take off the plastic engine cover with the three or four bolts pending on which model, then remove the ignition coils and ignition coil plugs, and presto! you have access to all your spark plugs.

Where are the ignition coils on the dodge magnum?

On top of the spark plugs.

How do you replace spark plugs on a 1999 ford Expedition?

remove the ignition coils on the intake and they are underneath it. your vehicle has distributorless ignition, therfore there aren't any spark plug wires, instead it has individual ignition coils with the spark plugs directly underneath them.

Where are the start plugs in a peugeot 406 diesel?

Depending on model, this engine may not have glow plugs. In engines with glow plugs, they are located next to the injectors on the top of the engine, under the plastic cover.

How often should you change your spark plugs?

The best answer is to follow the recommendations for maintenance in your particular car's owner's manual. A rule of thumb is every 30,000 miles for standard plugs and 60,000 for platinum or other precious metal plugs. Don't forget the ignition system's secondary wiring. Worn plugs and damaged wires can cause ignition coils and other ignition components to fail prematurely.

How do you remove and replace the spark plugs in a 1998 F-150 with 4.6L Triton V8?

find the plugs that connect to the plugs and pull them off.after that you can remove the plugs.

What is the spark plug gap for a Peugeot 205XR?

a gap of 0.7 to 0.8 for champion spark plugs

Your car has trouble accerlatering you think the spark plugs are not getting full power?

Check plugs wires and ignition coils.

What type of engine uses compression ignition as it has no spark plugs?

a diesel engine uses compression and has no need of spark plugs