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How do you convert a 90 model 5.0 LX 5 speed to a automatic how hard is it?

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The easiest way to convert your car to automatic is to get a automatic parts car or swap your automatic parts with someone looking to switch to a 5 speed. The swap is not all that difficult you will need to change the pedal assy. or just leave the stock pedals there and disable the clutch pedal. Install a automatic shifter as well as replace the computer with a auto computer. Ther are many websites like as well as mustang parts suppliers where you can get everything you need as well as info.

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How hard is to change a civic from automatic to a 5 speed tranny?

i have a civic lx with a d15b7 and i have a b18 integra with 5 speed tranny. i whant to know how hard is to change from automatic to a 5 speed for the extra pedal for the clutch

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There are videos on youtube which tell you how to convert your old hard drive into a new hard drive.

What transmission does a 1995 Chevy Silverado have?

The 88-99 model had 6 different stock transmissions: 1. 3-speed THM-400 automatic. 2. 4-speed 700R4 automatic. 3. 4-speed 4L60-E automatic. 4. 4-speed 4L80-E automatic. 5. 4-speed manual. 6. 5-speed manual. I have 1995 silverado 350 2 wd from all my research on this the automatic transmissions are 4l60E and what i have read must be replaced with another 1995 model..I am having my changed has i type im putting one from a v6 into a truck with a v8 that i had a hard time getting answers to since lots of people post who have no clue..Do lots of research on your own to make sure..It drove me nuts trying find info and will post how this installation go's and if any differences in drive ability arise..

Where is the speed sensor located on a 1997 Pontiac Grand Am with automatic transmission?

Is it hard to remove / replace the sensor Speed sensors are located on the front wheel hub

What kind of transmission is in a 93 Nissan hard body?

A 93 Nissan hard body uses a 5 speed automatic transmission. This gives it a good balance of fuel economy, ease of use, and effectiveness.

What is the price to convert an automatic 2000 Saturn sl2 into a manual?

Going from a manual to an automatic is not that hard but going from automatic to manual is a not easy. This will be a very expensive conversion unless you buy a donor car to get parts from. From my experience I suggest if you want a Saturn with a manual transmission then sell the one you have and go buy one with a manual. You will be money ahead.

Where is the speed sensor on a 2000 Olds Bravada Smartrak and how hard is it to change?

The speed sensor on a 2000 Olds Bravada Smartrak is on the top of the automatic transfer case. To change it you need to disconnect the two wires and replace with a new sensor.

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It depends on the make and model of the Hard Drive. Normally the spin speed does control how fast you can access a certain part of a track, but it also depends on how fast your seek time it. If you have poor seek time, your rotation speed doesnt mean anything.

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It has been reported the top speed is 110 mph and this is a hard limit due to the electronic governing device on board this model. Disabling the governor though can boost the top speed to 130 mph.

Where do you add tranny fluid for 93 escort lx?

Both the automatic and manual transmissions take Mercon Automatic tranny fluid. The automatic is added by putting a small funnel in the dipstick tube. The manual has to have the speed sensor taken off the top of the transmission to fill. The speed sensor is held in with a clamp and a 10 mm bolt. Carefully pry the speed sensor and speedometer drive out of the opening. They are really hard to get out. To figure out if the level is right you fill it between the top and bottom of the drive gear.

What type of transmission is in a 95 f150?

That's hard to say without knowing the engine size of your truck, but here's a list of all the transmissions that were in the 9th generation F-Series pickups. 3-Speed C6 Automatic 4-Speed E4OD Automatic 4-Speed T-18 Manual 4-Speed M5OD Manual 5-Speed ZF S5-42 Manual Hopefully that'll give you a bit more info so you can narrow down which transmission is in yours.

If your 1992 Plymouth Voyager automatic makes a noise like the whole bottom is dragging but it stops when you speed up what is wrong?

Noises are hard to diagnoise unless heard. Take it to a machanic.

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Here are the highest mileage 2005 model cars. Some older cars meet or exceed these but they are few and far between. Think Geo Metro, Honda Civic CRX, Toyota Starlet, Toyota Tercel, diesel Volkswagens, and the like. This list is pretty much complete, I was bored and decided to get all the info from which is tough to search sometimes.These listings show make/model/specific options/city/highway and only include cars that attain at least 20mpg city AND get OVER 30mpg highway.Honda Insight 5-speed 61/66Honda Insight CVT 57/56Toyota Prius 60/51Honda Civic Hybrid 5-speed 46/51Honda Civic Hybrid CVT 48/47VW Beetle TDI diesel 5-speed 38/46VW Golf TDI diesel 5-speed 38/46VW Jetta TDI diesel 5-speed 38/46Honda Civic HX coupe 5-speed 36/44Honda Civic HX coupe CVT 35/40Toyota Echo 5-speed 35/43Toyota Echo automatic33/39Toyota Corolla 5-speed 32/41Honda Civic DX/VP/LX 5-speed 32/38Honda Civic EX 5-speed 32/37Scion xA 5-speed 32/37Honda Civic EX automatic 31/38Scion xA automatic 31/38Toyota Corolla automatic 31/38Scion xB 5-speed 31/35Scion xB automatic 31/34Honda Civic DX/VP/LX automatic 29/38Honda Accord Hybrid automatic 29/37Dodge Neon 5-speed 29/36Hyundai Accent 5-speed 28/36Mazda3 2.0L with 5-speed 28/35Nissan Sentra 1.8 with 5-speed 28/35Nissan Sentra 1.8 with automatic 28/34Hyundai Accent automatic 27/35Chevrolet Aveo 5-speed 27/35Hyundai Elantra 5-speed 27/34Mitsubishi Lancer 5-speed 27/34Chevrolet Cavalier 5-speed 26/36Pontiac Sunfire 5-speed 26/36Saturn ION 5-speed 26/35Ford Focus 5-speed 26/35Chevrolet Aveo automatic 26/34Mazda3 2.0L with automatic 26/34Ford Focus automatic 26/32Chevrolet Malibu Classic 25/34 (fleet only)Chevrolet Cobalt 5-speed 25/34Kia Spectra 5-speed 25/33Dodge Neon automatic 25/32Mazda3 2.3 with 5-speed 25/32Kia Rio 5-speed 25/31Mitsubishi Lancer automatic 25/31Honda Accord (4-cyl) 5-speed 24/36Chevrolet Malibu (4-cyl) automatic 24/35Chevrolet Cavalier automatic 24/34Honda Accord (4-cyl) 5-speed 24/34Kia Spectra automatic 24/34Pontiac Sunfire automatic 24/34Toyota Camry (4-cyl) automatic 24/34Toyota Camry (4-cyl) 5-speed 24/33Chevrolet Cobalt automatic 24/32Hyundai Elantra automatic 24/32Saturn ION automatic 24/32Kia Rio automatic 24/31Chevrolet Malibu (V-6) automatic 22/32Chevrolet Impala base automatic 20/32Hope this helps everyone when choosing a highly economical vehicle. I'll add three more to the list because I like them, but they are older cars:1985-1986 Ford Escort or Mercury Lynx 1.9L carbureted with 4-speed 36/42 1995-2001 Geo or Chevrolet Metro or Suzuki Swift (4-cyl) automatic 30/34 1996-2002 Saturn SL/SL1/SW1/SC1 5-speed 29/40The 1995 Metro with 4-cylnder and automatic that I used to have got a consistent 32mpg no matter how hard or gentle I drove it. The 2000 Saturn SL I have now gets 37mpg in mixed driving, and my old 1986 Lynx always got close to 40mpg in mixed driving.

Is it hard or exspensive to change a automatic to a straight drive in a 944 turbo?

None of the factory 944 turbos came with an automatic.

What makes a automatic transmition shift into gear hard at normal speed on a 2001 Saturn SL2?

There are a number of conditions that can cause an automatic transmission to slip into protective mode. To prevent damage, if a transmission sensor detects low pressure, slipping or any of a number of conditions, it causes full pressure to go to the shift circuits, making the transmissions shift hard. The only way to determine what's causing the hard shifts is to have a computer diagnostic scan.

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Possibly low fluid.

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