How do you convert to Hinduism?

No entry please. Since for over 600 years; Mosolmans and British times till now the present day, only Hindus are being converted to Islam or Christianity or some other religion. Faith in Hinduism and adopting names and traditions will make one similar to Hindu but, frankly talking, there is no provision or sanction to others to get convert in to Hinduism, without born in any of the 4 casts.

It is really a simple and fabulous thing that still Hindus survive irrespective of force conversions during Mughal and technical conversions in British regime. You will find out that out of 4 castes the 1st caste is lesser than 3% of the population of India, starves in poverty yet respected by the others. It is some what typical and unexplainable phenomenon in Hinduism.

At the same time there is no closure of doors who want to visit like a tourist the Hindu system of Life yet the visitor is a visitor and never a native.