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THere are several manufactuers of manual valve bodies. Look at and/or to find the most common ones.

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Q: How do you convert your turbo 350 from automatic to a full manual valve body?
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Can you put a blow off valve in a 4 speed automatic?

yes it still works the same on a automatic car that is turbo, as it does on a manual, it works off the waste gate not the tranny

Can you use a turbo with a blow out valve on a automatic motor?


Can you turn a automatic transmission into a manual one?

A fully manual valve body in an automatic will need to be shifted manually ( no clutch ) May not be available for your application .

Can you put a blow out valve on an automatic turbo?

yes you can put a blow off valve on any turbo application, A blow off valve helps relieve boost pressure spike/surge when the throttle is quickly closed, helps prevent damage/excessive load on the turbo and throttle body.

How do you convert the valve in the powerstroke turbo into a exhaust brake?

buy a Jake brake kit from banks or something

How do you make a TH400 automatic transmission to a manual transmission?

You can't make it a true manual, but you can either change the valve body (the brain of the non-pcm auto) over for an aftermarket full manual valve body. There are also a few good shift kits which will provide adequate results.

What is the valve clearances on a 407 Ade turbo?

Valve Clarence 407 n engine

What is ARC valve stands for?

automatic recirculation valve

Can you put a blowout valve on a automatic without turbo?

you need to have a turbo in order for you to get the blow off hiss when your changing gears. if you waste your money on the valve that's ypur fault. ive been racing for 3 years and i kno that its worth it to spend the 2-3000.00 for a turbo system. if you want to go just for the gear chamge hiss i really cant help you for a part that is made just for hissing except for the turbo system. best of luck

How to change the EGR valve on a 1987 LeBaron 22l turbo engine eowawa?

Ther is no egr valve on the 2.2 turbo engines. With FI and turbo, there was no need. Some of the earlier carb engines did have egr.

How do you fit a egr valve on a vauxhall astra 1.6 8 valve?

you dont. only turbo diesel cars have an EGR valve

What a valve clearance of pd6 Nissan engine with turbo?

Valve clearance

How to fit a dump valve to a vauxhall astra club 1.6 8v?

erm... the club 1.6 8v is a petrol non turbo right?! to need a dump valve you need a turbo, a dump valve is there to release the pressure that the turbo builds up. you can always look for a fake dump valve kit around £180 mark i think

What is a slave valve?

automatic transmissions have a slave valve to control shifting

Where is the automatic choke in a 1994 mark viii?

No automatic choke, has fuel injection. IAC valve (Idle Air Control) valve controls that

Your dodge shadow does not say turbo on the valve cover then is it not turbo?

it could be because all the heads are the same on the 2.2 and 2.5 naturally aspirated and turbo blocks....the only difference is the exhaust valves lol my father has a dodge spirit 2.2 non turbo and i put a turbo valve cover on it just look behind the valve cover....does it have 4 injectors? does it have a 2 1/4" rubber hose coming from behind the intake?

How boiler feed valve works?

There are automatic boiler feeder and manual feeds and depending on the desired working pressure required that would determine the "SET" pressure of the feeder

How do you change the EGR valve in an Aspire 1994 automatic?

There is no EGR valve on an Aspire.

What is the valve clearance for a Nissan PF6 turbo diesel engine?

What is the valve clearance for a Nissan PF6 turbo diesel engine?

Blow off valve with no turbo?

Amazingly pointless. The blow off valve is there to release intake pressure if you have the turbo spinning and then go off the throttle suddenly. If you haven't got a turbo there's no intake pressure to release if you go off the throttle.

How do you make a turbo whistle?

Install a blow off valve, it releases excess pressure from the intake side of the turbo

Where is transmission modulator valve on 1988 Mazda b2200 with automatic transmission?

according to a local dealer that model has no modulator valve on its automatic transmission sorry !

Will dump valve fit a peugeot 206 1.1?

No you, need to have a turbo in order to fit a dump valve

Will a blow off valve work on a diesel turbo motor?


How do you fit a dumb valve to a non turbo car?

you dont.