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How do you convince your husband that he does not need to lie to you?

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First, you haven't provided enough detail. Whether he needs to lie to you is a part of his personality. If he does things he thinks he needs to lie about then perhaps you are asking the wrong questions. Think about asking "why" and also "will you agree to go to a marriage counselor to sort this out?".

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Why does Ponyboy lie to himself?

To convince himself

How does odysseus convince penelope that he is her husband?


How can you convince your girlfriend you won't break a promise?

Don't lie to her.

How do you use the word convince in a sentence?

You need to convince that person to help us.

What shall you do to convince your husband that you will never cheat him again?


How do you convince your husband to get a third dog?

You should turn on the charm.

How do you convince your boyfriend you wont lie anymore?

you have to ask him to go to a quiet closet and then do it.

How do you convince people your a vampire?

You would have to lie because you are not a vampire, vampires do not exist.

How do you convince boyfriend of marriage?

If you need to 'convince' him, he will likely be unhappy.

How is the word lie in this sentence used You also said you had not talked to my husband but you did on the day you called me so why lie once again?

You also said you had not talked to my husband, but you did on the day you called me. So why lie again? (verb)

How does Lady Macbeths understanding of her husbands character help her to convince him that the murder plot should be carried out?

Lady Macbeth has an understanding that her husband has no manhood and is a cowered. Thinking her husband is a cowered is what helps convince her that the murder plot should be carried out.

What actors and actresses appeared in As We Lie - 1927?

The cast of As We Lie - 1927 includes: Miles Mander as The Husband

Is it haram to lie to your husband?

Yes, it is haram to lie to your husband except if you lie as complement to get him pleased as saying your are the best man I ever see in my life or you are the most handsome man or I am ready to throw myself from the window if it is the only way to prove my love to you, etc.

What lie did elizabeth proctor tells danforth?

that her husband never had an affair

Why does elizabeth lie about her husband's affair?

Because she wants to protect her husband

Should a wife being cheated on by her husband with a married woman tell the married woman's husband?

No. Snitches lie in ditches.

If a wife leaves a husband does she get alimony?

Nothing is automatic, she must first convince the judge to award it.

What warning does brabantio give to Othello in Othello?

"She has deceived her father and may you." Basically, if she could lie to her father she could lie to her husband.

Should you tell the wife you had an affair with her husband?

No. Let sleeping dogs lie.

How do you know if your husband is telling you the truth?

As with all things in a marriage, you should be able to trust him to do the right thing. if you believe he is lying, then you either need to figure out why you don't believe him, or convince him to tell the truth.

What does Hale urge Elizabeth to do?

to convince her husband John proctor to confess to witchcraft even though he is innocent

What are signs if your husband is unfaithful?

Seeing him making love to another person would convince most people.

How do you convince Saint Peter to let you into heaven?

You need to convince Our Lord, not St. Peter. You convince Him by your belief, faith and manner in which you lived your life. Were you a good Christian?

What should you do when your husband is cheating on you?

First you need to make sure that you have a good evidence that you can provide in case your husband lie to you. Did a friend saw your husband with another woman? Or did you discovered something that made you realize that he is having an affair. But I think it will be best if you talk to your husband so you can tell if he is lying to you. You can do a lot by asking him. But I do hope that he is not because I know how it feels to be betrayed. Good luck..

Why lie when don't need to lie?

Some people are pathological liars, meaning they have a mental need to lie, and some people are so used to lying that they just lie out of reflex. some people feel it is necessary to lie because they cannot see any other way. There are many reasons who one might lie when they don't need to.