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How do you cook fresh kielbasa?



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Kielbasa is quite similar to Czech/Slovak/Bohemian sausages, and I have plenty of experience with those. You're lucky to have some to cook, because you get to choose one of several cooking methods. My favorite is to "steam" it, using a rack or basket holding the sausage(s) just above the boiling/simmering water in a pot or frying pan, or a regular Steamer, Western or Oriental/bamboo. It's important to keep the link whole. You might have to replenish the water supply while it cooks, but when the skin begins to pop and rupture, it's done. It also smokes up great when you're grilling or BBQ'ing other meats. They won't take long, and again, when the skin ruptures, it's done. Try not to overcook it this way. You can also slice it into short lingths and cook it with lots of things...pastas, noodles, beans or black-eye peas or gumbos (YUM for all of the above) I hope this helps you. You've already made me HONGRY! ;) :D