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How do you cool down a large 120-degree swimming pool during a hot summer in Arizona?

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2008-03-06 17:47:37

There is a company in Palm Desert which, I think, is called Pool

Cool specializing in just that .

Ken Glacier Pool Coolers is the innovator of a system that cools

hot swimming pools in a matter of hours. The Arizona desert packs a

punch in the summer heating pools to the 90's and even the 100's.

This system is actually installed much like a pump or heater in the

equipment area and cools the water which enters the pool through

the plumbing...cool water comes right through the jets. Depending

on the length of time this system runs, a 96 degree pool can be

cooled to the low 80's in a matter of hours. It cools by an

electric fan and is not a heat pump...no BTU's. It runs on

electricity, and very little I might add. There are sizes to

accomodate residential pools all the way to huge commercial pools,

and the bigger the pool, the more savings an owner will see in

Chemical usage. Reduction in temperature by 10 degrees will save

hundreds of dollars in chemicals in just one summer season. Glacier

Pool Coolers are available at all Leslie's Pool Supply stores as

well as many online malls, Ace Hardwares, and various pool dealers

across the country.

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