How do you copy an iTunes folder from one computer to a new computer?

What you would be required to do, is to have a removable storage device, such as a portable harddrive, or a flashdrive. The larger file size of your iTunes library the larger capacity of a device you would want. Videos take up more space than music so if your exporting mainly music you would require less space. You would browse to the default iTunes storage location (Windows Users>Username>My Music>iTunes>iTunes Media) Macintosh i am unfamiliar with but will update this as soon as I find out. Whether on a Mac or PC once you locate your iTunes Media folder, you would plug in your removable storage device and drag (or right click + copy) the itunes media folder and plant it into a folder on your storage device. Once the copying procedure is complete, you would remove the device and plug it into the other computer you wish it to be on, and drag the itunes media folder out of the device onto a location on your 2nd computer's hard drive. You will need to ensure the second computer has itunes installed and is Authorized to play the itunes content you extracted from your other computer. You can easily find instructions on how to authorize itunes content on google. That is your answer.