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How do you copy the contents on your hard drive on to a hard drive in another 7 computers?

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The easiest, fastest, and best way to do this is to use Symantec Ghost. Hook both the 'image' hard drive and the 'clone' hard drive in one machine and boot the computer using the Ghost CD. Setup the CD to copy from one location to the other (be careful you are copying the right one or all you data will be lost!) and you will end up with a perfect copy. If you don't trust this method, you can always hook up both hard drives, and copy files manually from inside the operating system, although that would take days longer than about half an hour using Ghost for 7 hard drives.

2009-01-24 14:18:33
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How do you copy protect a thumb drive?

To copy protect contents on thumb drive, the only effective way is to use 3rd party software that's professional in flash drive copy protection. I recommend you to try Kakasoft USB Copy Protection software, which allows you to encrypt the contents on flash drive and prohibit rights such as copy, paste, modify rights of the contents, so that you can prevent other users of the flash drive copying the contents to their own devices.

How do you copy the contents of a youtube playlist into another?

A new web tool called Copy YouTube Playlists will show you how to copy the contents of a YouTube playlist into another.

How can you save the contents of your computer when removing and installing new hard drive i a removing my hard drive and need to save my computers contents and put on new installed hard drive?

the only way i kno is to install your OS on the new hard drive, and then copy all of your important files to a DVD as data files. and copy them to the new hard drive. i also think that you can have both hooked up and just click and drag them but I'm not sure.

How do you get information from one hard drive to another?

It depends on what your setup is. If you have two computers, and you want to transfer data between them, you should be able to network the computers and copy the files directly. If you just have a hard drive and want to copy some data to your computer, you can install the drive into your computer (assuming you have a slot for the drive, an available data cable for the drive and and available power connector.

How do you copy then paste a power point?

You can copy and paste contents in a power point. For example you can copy and image and paste into another slide.

What copy button copies the contents and format of the source area to the office a reserved place in the computers memory?


Will an External CD DVD drive put music onto your computers hard drive?

Only if you copy them.

What are two different ways to make 10 duplicates of one floppy disk?

1. You can use WE to copy files on the floppy disk to a folder on the hard drive, then copy contents of the folder to the 10 disks. 2. Use a command prompt window, use the copy command to copy files on the floppy disk to a folder on the hard drive, then use the copy command to copy the contents of the folder to the 10 disks.

What is the best way to transfer files from one external hard drive to another external hard drive?

fire wire, map both drives cut and past Connect them both to the computer and copy the contents from one hard drive and paste it into the other. If you don't have enough USB interfaces ( connections) to connect them both then make a folder on your desktop and copy the files from the source hard drive into the folder on your desktop. Then connect the destination hard drive and move the contents from the desktop o your destination drive. From the Book on Hardware written by ME Need a copy Check the stats

Why are some computers sold with 2 optical drives?

Having two optical drives is just another configuration for computers. A user can get a computer with one or two optical drives or more. The optical drives can be of the same type or different. e.g. you can have one BlueRay or HD-DVD drive and another one can be a DVD-RW drive or you can have DVD-RW and DVD-ROM and CD-RW. You can play songs or movies from one drive while you copy something or make a backup of your data in the second drive. Two drives allows you to copy directly from one drive to another if the drive is write capable.

Why is there no b drive in your computers?

There are a millions answers to this question, and I have found non that answer this detail about no B drive. The cool thing even before 3 1/2 inch disks, is you could just have 1 floppy drive and still be able the copy from one floppy to another. The B drive can work as a virtual drive. If need to copy somehting and had only one drive, you would issue a copy command and it would hold the information you want to copy on a virtual B drive. Place the original in, "copy to b drive" take out the original and put in a blank and it would copy the files to your B drive. This we found was always a cool tool. No need for a second floppy drive.

What is the DOS copy command to copy a complete directory to multiple 3.5 inch floppies?

To copy directory, you need to run xcopy command.. You can not copy directory with copy command.. xcopy c:\*.* /s/e a:\ This will copy entire contents to A drive..

Do I need 2 drive to copy my Cd collection onto new dics?

No, you can copy them on to your hard drive and then burn them to another disk.

Is fill handle used to copy contents in Excel?

A fill handle can copy anything and in different ways. It can copy contents and it can copy formulas and it can create fill series.

How do you copy the contents of a movie DVD?

You can use E.M. Free DVD Copy to copy the contents of the movie DVD, following the steps shown in the Related Links.

Can you copy a DVD to a flash drive?

Yes. Data DVDs can be copied directly as long as they are not copy-protected software. Video or audio DVDs will require transcoding. Make sure the flash drive has enough room to hold the contents of the disc.

What is the software EaseUs Disk Copy used for?

Imaging a hard drive is making an exact copy of your hard drive and either saving that copy onto another hard drive or into a folder. The software packages available can be free or paid for.

When you drag a file or folder from one drive to another it is?

copy and paste

How do you copy from one laptop directly to another laptop?

Copy what? You could put "it" on a flash drive, which is the best way.

Audio CD your question is how to copy the Contents of audio CD to another blank CD?

Use a burning program that is capable of copying to a temporary folder then can burn that to a disk (exact copy) or (copy disk)

Why computer has not B drive?

The A: and B: drives on a desktop computer are reserved in the BIOS for floppy disk drives. As most computers only come with one floppy disk drive only the A: drive will be visible in file explorer. If a second floppy disk drive is fitted then both A: and B: drives will be visible. Computers used to have a B: drive. It was the second floppy drive. Since people no longer copy from one floppy to another, the B: drive (and on some newer models the A: drive) has become obsolete.

How do you copy pictures from one computer to another?

Use a pen drive! If they are bluetooth enabled, connect the computers using the blue tooth connection and then send the pictures through the network. You can also e-mail them!

Is there software or hardware that allows you to make a mirror copy of another computers hard drive by linking your computer to said target via usb while running the program from your computer?

Clonezilla may be what you are looking for.

How do you get information onto a hard drive?

You just copy your data to the hard drive somehow. It is just a matter of finding out how the system identifies the hard drive and accessing that device.For instance, in MS-DOS, if you wanted to copy something to the hard drive you could issue a command such as:COPY A:\*.* C:\That would copy the entire contents of the root directory of the floppy in drive A: to the root directory of the hard drive identified as drive C:.On Windows, if you have something on a CD in drive E: that you want to copy to drive C:, you could just drag and drop it. Just open up the 2 windows that you want to copy between, make the selections on the source folder, and drag them to the window of the destination folder.

What is the effect of computer virus?

It depends what the virus was programmed to do. They can do one or more of the following actions... Freeze or scroll the display Wipe the display at random (or insert random characters) Duplicate itself, filling the computers hard drive Wipe a computers hard-drive destroying all the data held on it Shut down the computer at random Contact another computer over the 'net and copy the infected computers hard drive to the receiving computer