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on the rear cross member where the torsion bars mount there is an adjustment screw

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Q: How do you crank up the torsion bars on a 2005 Chevy 2500 pick up?
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How do you crank up the torsion bars on a 1997 Chevy 2500 pickup?

On the rear of the bars, there is a bolt on each side coming down through the cross member. Tightening these two bolts will lift the front end.

What is the biggest size tire you can put on a Chevy Silverado?

Depends on the model of the truck 1500 4x4 you can go up to 285/70R?? (R is your rim size) And the HD trucks 2500 you can go up to 315/70R?? If you crank the torsion bars

Will a transmission from a 2000 Chevy 2500 truck work in a 2005 Chevy 3500 express van?


How do you remove the pinch bolt cover of a 2005 Chevy 2500 express van?

how do you remove the pince bolt cover of a 2005 Chevy express van

Where the fuse box for a 2005 Chevy cargo van?

2005 chevrolet 2500 cargo vane starter fuse

What is the lug nut torque for a 2005 Chevy 2500?

95-105 Ft. Lbs.

Where is the oil perssure sensor located on 2005 2500 Chevy Express van?

in the engine

How many gears does a 2005 Allison transmission in a 2500 Chevy have?

It should have a 6 speed Transmission.

What is the horsepower of a 2000 Chevy 2500?

What is the horsepower of a 2000 chevy 2500 7.4

What is towing capacity of 2005 Chevy silverado 2500 hd?

The 8.1L tows about 12000-14000 pounds

Where is the fuel filter 2500 HD 2005?

In 2004 Chevy started putting them inside of the fuel tank.

Can you swap rear end from 97 Chevy 2500 to a 96 Chevy 2500?

Yes you can.

Will the front bumper of a 03 Chevy 2500 fit on a 01 Chevy 2500?


Will a 96 Chevy 2500 rear bumper fit a 95 Chevy 2500?

Yes they are the same

How do you repair speedometer on Chevy pickup truck 2005 2500?

See your local GM dealer for a reman swap.

Where is the fuel pump on a Chevy silverado 2005 2500 hd?

It has an electric fuel pump inside of the fuel tank.

What is the average mpg on a 2005 Chevy silverado 2500 crew cab with a 6.0 liter?

My 2005 silverado crew cab /6.0 averages 15.2 mpg

Where is crank sensor on 03 Chevy 2500 hd truck?

It is bolted in the passenger side of the engine block RIGHT BEHIND the starter. You can not see or get to it untill you remove the starter.

Location of speed sensor in Chevy 2005 2500 hd 4x4?

On the very back top side of the transfur case.

What gear oil do you use for rear axle 2005 Chevy 2500 hd?

SAE 75W90 synthetic gear oil.

Will the front bumper on a 2006 Chevy 2500 diesel fit on a 2006 Chevy 2500 gas?

Yes it is the same.

Can you switch a Chevy 1500 rear end with a Chevy 2500 rear end?

You can switch the rear end from a Chevy 1500 with a Chevy 2500 rear end with minimal effort. Both have similar components but the 2500 offers increased durability.

How do you get your back brakes to bleed on my 96 Chevy 2500 silverado?

First id have to get my back brakes on your Chevy 2500 silverado.

Where is a crank sensor on 2000 dodge 2500 5.9?

in the distribuator