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How do you cure a fever blister?


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Unfortunately, there is no cure for fever blisters. You can use topical ointments to help dry the liquid that is responsible for spreading these unnattractive eyesores. Some good over the counter products are Herpecin-L, Campho-phenique, and Aveeno Cold sore and fever blister ointment. There is one option that you can practice to help prevent recurring fever blisters, you can take all natural L-Lysine tablets as a part of your daily routine and this helps your body defend itself against the virus that causes fever blisters. Very useful if you have to suffer with them over and over.


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Nothng can cure fever blisters, they are caused by the oral herpes virus which isn't curable. But they can be managed with over the counter creams or medication.

Do not lance a fever blister.

Do not pop the fever blister.

Do not lance a fever blister.

Do not pop a fever blister.

Do not pop your fever blister.

Yes; herpes causes the fever blister.

Break a tablet of vitamin E and bust it up. Apply to your fever blister or apply vitamin E lotion directly to your fever blister. Make sure to sterilize the affected area before application. This will soothe the fever blister. Stop eating foods that aggravate your blisters. Eat yogurt to cool off your mouth. Continue to keep yogurt as a part of your daily diet.

Do not pop a fever blister; it can cause the virus to spread.

A fever blister will last about 2 weeks.

Penicillin won't treat a fever blister.

Amoxicillin won't help a fever blister.

Ciprofloxacin is not used to treat a fever blister.

A cold sore and a fever blister are the same thing.

You can get a yearly flu shot if you have a fever blister.

Popping a fever blister can cause the virus to spread on the skin.

A fever blister and cold sore is the same thing.

A fever blister won't affect embryo implantation.

Drinking a lot of acid will not cause a fever blister.

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Don't share things like utensils or cups also don't kiss any one on or around the mouth when you have a fever blister. If you are sexually active then also don't give oral sex while you have any signs of a fever blister, they can be passed from your mouth to your partners genitals if you give oral sex while you have a fever blister. It's safer to do those things when you don't have any signs of a fever blister.

Only Dr.Bieber can cure that fever

It is possible. The blister is caused by a virus and is easy to transmit to another person even if it is in the late process of healing and going away.

"Currently, there is no cure for fever blisters. The only thing that you can do is make sure that you do not drink anything that has acid in it, like Orange Juice. This will ensure that they do not sting you. Also, you can comfort yourself by putting lip balm on, or by apply a cold cloth to them."

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