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How do you cut songs in sony Vegas?

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Once your track is laid into your time line, with your mouse, click the spot where you would like to cut and press "S", this will slice the audio file.

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Does Sony Vegas 9 have masking?

Sony Vegas 9 Platinum does not, but Sony Vegas Pro does

Can Sony Vegas 8 files be edited on Sony Vegas 9?

yes they can but sony Vegas pro 9 files cant be edited in sony Vegas pro 8

Can you find Sony Vegas for Linux?

No. There is no version of Sony Vegas for Linux.

Is Sony Vegas 9 different than Sony Vegas 8?

Well Sony Vegas 9 Has a few More Effects and Transitions.

Who is the creator of Sony Vegas?


What is the best video editing software?

A few of the best include:Sony VegasFinal Cut_________________________________________________________________You can also try out VideoPad. It's a lot easier to use that Sony Vegas and Final Cut, but has a lot of really awesome features.

Are any Sony Vegas products compatible with a Mac?

none try final cut or adobes products instead they are and they are industry standards like vegas.

What file format is sony Vegas studio 9?

.veg (Sony vegas project file)

Can you get Final Cut for Windows Vista?

No. Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express are exclusively MAC only programs. Sony Vegas is a good windows alternate, however.

Sony Vegas good?

Yes! Sony Vegas is a good program for editing movies. I have bought this program during Christmas. I had trials for Adobe Premier, Corel Video Studio, and Sony Vegas. In the end I chose Vegas. My school has bought Corel Video Studio and it was not a good decision. I say get Sony Vegas.

Can Sony Vegas 9 files be opened on Sony Vegas 8?

No unfortunately. Looking for a patch. Russ

What is harder to use adobe after effects or Sony Vegas pro 10?

Adobe After Effects is not quite the same as Sony Vegas Pro. A better comparison would be sony vegas and adobe premiere. After Effects is for doing short VFX in it, and sony vegas and premiere are for editing a clip.

Would you recommend using Sony Vegas to make YouTube videos?

Yes I would because in Sony Vegas, you can crop, turn and a lot more stuff. I use Sony Vegas for all my videos.

What is better Adobe After Effects or Sony Vegas Pro?

Depends what your doing, generally though, Adobe After Effects is FAR better than Sony Vegas, the effects, transitions, everything pretty much is superior to Vegas, Sony Vegas has been hyped up a lot by everyone, although after effects is slightly harder to use and get the hang of, its MUCH better, I wouldn't recommend however that you start out in Sony Vegas, I did, and now its just much harder to adjust to the features in After Effects.Just as a note, Sony Vegas is usually reffered to as: Vegas, Vegas Pro, Sony Vegas, SVP.After Effects is usually reffered to as: AE, After Effects.

Is Sony Vegas a Trojan?

yes sony Vegas is a Trojan it crashed my PC even when i had a Trojan remover or a malware scanner :(

Can you get Sony Vegas movie studio on mac?

I think that Sony Vegas is just a Windows download. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Can you download Sony Vegas on an HP computer?

yes you can download any version of sony vegas on any type of pc

Where can you download Sony Vegas 8 pro?

Type 'Sony Vegas Pro 8 Download Free Trial' on google

What is the best movie editing software?

In My opinion, Sony Vegas is the best For PC and for mac computers, Final Cut Pro X

What is a program like Sony Vegas?

It's main rival is Adobe Premiere Pro, or Final Cut Pro (Mac exclusive)

Can you mask in Sony Vegas movie studio 8?

Sony Vegas "Movie Studio 8" does not let you mask. A Easy Solution That Is Free!, is To download "Inkscape" ( free adobe InDesign/Photoshop Cs3 Program) there you can easily create a lightsaber then import it into Sony Vegas. "Sony Vegas Pro 8.0" however will allow masking

I have an HD camera does Sony Vegas take HD?

We have Sony Vegas 8 Pro and it edits HD footage. I don't know about 7.

How do you save a Sony Vegas pro 9.0 video?

Click on the Related Link below. It is a video tutorial on Sony Vegas Pro 9.

Trouble for using cracked Sony Vegas pro 11?

Stop smoking crack while trying to use Sony Vegas and you will have no trouble.

Is there a quicktime plugin for Sony Vegas?

no there is no built in QuickTime codec, to solve this download QuickTime player and the codec will automatically be added to sony vegas

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