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try looking on the door jams of the back doors themselves. it is there on my caddy.

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Q: How do you deactivate child safety locks on 1996 ford explorer?
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Why would the power door locks not work on the rear doors in a 1999 ford explorer?

you might have the child safety locks activated

Why do automatic door locks engage on 2003 Ford Explorer?

Automatic door locks engage on the 2003 Ford Explorer for safety.

Do 2009 CTS V Cadillacs have child safety locks?

2009 CTS V Cadillacs do have child safety locks as well as other safety features. Though the child locks are the standard issue, most of their other features are more recent.

How do you deactivate auto door locks on ford explorer sport trac?

It tells you how in the owners Manual. You can obtain one from the Dealer.

What are the safety features on the Buick rendezvous?

Safety features on the Buick Rendevous include airbags, anti-lock breaks and child safety locks. The child seats also have air bags.

How do you disable child locks of X reg Ford Focus LX?

Rear Door Child Safety Locks (Sedan and Wagon models only) Child safetly locks are located on the rear edge of each rear door. To activate the locks, you must insert your car key into the opening and turn to the locked "vertical" position. To disengage the child safety lock, insert your car key and turn to the center position.

How do you turn off the child safety locks on Toyota Sienna?

A little switch on the door

Unlocked rear door will not open 2003 Tahoe.?


How can you disengage rear door child safety locks on a Sport Trac Truck?

When you open the doors there is a lever on the door itself that you can switch up or down depending on if you want to engage or disengage the child safety locks. There should be a sticker indicating which way to lock-unlock.

How do you get rear doors open when nether handle works?

The child safety locks may be in the lock position.

What type of safety locks are available for liquor cabinets?

Lots of techniques are available. Mostly magnetic locks are in use for cabinets. You can use child lock also if you want.

Name a safety device you'd find in a car?

Air bag Seat Belt Alarm Child Safety Locks Onstar Locked steering wheel Brakes

How do you engage the child safety locks?

Open the back doors of the car, there should be a switch between the inside and outside of the door.

How do you engage disengage child safety locks on your 1997 mercury mountaineer?

On your 1997 Mercury Mountaineer : Open the rear doors from the outside and on the end of the doors near the latch you will see a small lever that is used to select child locks on or off

How many child safety features does the Volkswagen Passat feature?

The Volkswagen Passat has front, side, and rear air bags. It has child safety locks for the windows and doors. There is also noted an emergency release trunk button.

How do you get a door open that has child safety locks and will not open from the outside?

It should open from the inside. Then the switch is usually in the latch for the door. HTH

How do you deactivate the child safety locks in 1995 Geo Metro?

AnswerShould be little levers at the bottom of the door latchesI had a 1993 Geo Metro 2 door that had child safety locks. After I started driving and it seemed like, reached a certain rpm they would engage. I later custom mounted Geo Storm seats into the Metro. When I unbolted and pulled the old seats out I found a wire attached to the seat, so I disconnected it. I don't thing the new Storm seats had the female end of this wire, so I left the male side lying under the seat disconnected. After that the child safety locks didn't work any longer. I later figured out this was do to this wire being disconnected. Try looking under the seats, driver and passenger and seeing if there is a wire, if so disconnect it and see if this works. Good luck, Jamesif it has it's own fuse....pull it

Safety features in cars?

Safety features in a car include, seat belts, airbags, child proof locks and windshield wipers. Windshield wipers help improve visibility when it is raining.

What are the name of the locks that Walmart uses you know the locks they use in the electronics not the glass ones but the ones they use on items on the shelves?

I think those are either security or safety locks. I think those are either security or safety locks.

Do samurai sword have safety locks?

yes. but it depends on the service which the have/sale safe locks for them.

Child lock durability?

No, child locks do not break easily. The best brand of child locks would be Access. They are extremely reliable.

Why safety pin is so successful?

it locks [;

Do parents purchase vehicles for child safety features or accessories to keep the child occupied during the drive?

As all cars come with rear child safety locks and the ability to install child safety seats I would doubt that enters the equation when shopping for a new car. I would suspect they look for plenty of room, good mileage, and accessories to keep the child occupied would be last on that list.

How do you deactivate auto door locks on 2000 Ford Focus?

Here's how:

Do you have child locks on front doors of cars?

no they are called adult locks