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How do you deal with a bisexual boyfriend?


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October 22, 2010 11:01AM

Just like you'd deal with any other boyfriend. Being bisexual means you are attracted to both sexes, but it doesn't mean you make yourself available for both sexes any more than being straight means you make yourself available for all opposite-sex people. Bisexual people can still be committed and monogamous, and aren't any less likely to practice safe sex. You'll fit into his life fine if you can both agree on whether to be monogamous. All of these other people who have posted here are prejudiced, most likely never knew any bi people, and need to get a life.

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If he's your boyfriend, that means you love him or else you wouldn't be going out in the first place. If he's having sexual relationships with another male, that's cheating, and in most (if not all) you would leave him. But if he isn't, what is there to deal with? The way he acts? Firstly, why would you be going out with him at all if you don't like the way he acts right?

If you think he has diseases, talk to him about it and go get checked out by a doctor. You shouldn't think that he'll cheat on you just because of his sexuality. Because relationships are all about commitment so you should trust he wouldn't do that.

Good discussion:

Being bisexual doesn't mean you're promiscuos, unfaithful, or have STDs. It means that gender is not a factor when choosing someone to be with. Nobody ever suggests that if a guy is attracted to women of all races that that means he needs a woman of every race in order to be satisfied.