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How do you deal with a computer crash?


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Get a good antivirus such as Norton 360, restart your computer, do a scan to further minimize crashes get norton systemworks and do an error check

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people lie on here so they can crash your computer it does crash it.

Yes it does crash your computer and it can break it completely!

you just have to do a lot of stupid things to your computer and it will crash then you just have to reboot it.

I used to play club penguin and it didnt crash my computer or anyones that I know of.

A Computer crash occur because of errors in the operating system software or computer hardware. software errors are common but h/w errors are harder to diagnose.

crashhack (loosely, since a hacker might just access it)A virus can crash a computer.

During a Blue Screen crash, in some cases it will tell you what file (or virus) caused the crash.

It matters on how old your computer is. If you have an old computer, the computer might not think that well, and for newer computers, ROBLOX is a nice site and wouldn't make your computer crash. It's not ROBLOX's fault if your computer crashes. It may be that your computer has something wrong with it.

Yes it can because, it may have been used before and then cleared but could still contain the virus that might crash the computer.. However, if it is brand new and has never been used before then no it can't crash a computer.

it depends if your computer has probloms

Yes Minecraft does crash by your computer not keeping up with it and it might not crash sometimes but go super slow

GIMP is virus-free, it didn't crash my computer. But if your computer is unstable, has little memory left, or is just plain old, GIMP might crash more often than usual. Image processing takes a lot of computer power, so it wouldn't work well if you're using a junky computer.

your computer crashes because the download speed is to high for the computer to cope with

When you loose your work on a computer it is called a crash.

It can sometimes but it is rare.

The first time it was switched on

yes it does and it will crash your computer

A computer can crash because a virus and a typewriter can't ever crash from a virus.

They don't. When that happens, they crash.

Because it can crash or harm your computer. It can also wipe out Important data.

i got the original hypercam... so far it has not crashed my computer

A virus, the computer overheating, too many programmes running at once :)

it is because adapters can blast or crash your computer system.

i think almost all of them

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