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Just tell her NO ! it is inappropriate and sexual abuse.

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โˆ™ 2011-02-22 13:06:43
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Q: How do you deal with a girl who wants to feel your breasts?
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How do you feel a girls big breasts?

you don't because that's rude, no girl with any self respect wants her boobs felt up.

How girl feels when breasts are sucked?

If a girl wants their boobs to be sucked, really good. If not, BAD

What does topping a girl mean?

It means to feel a girls breasts through their top

How do you squeeze breasts?

You don't "squeeze" breasts. They are not made of rubber. Instead gently rub them and before you do make sure the woman/girl you are with wants it.

What a girl really wants?

Girl only want to feel your love and to feel that you are being true to her or faithful.

How come boys love feeling breasts?

Boys love feeling breasts, because they want to feel a girl's body, and the breasts are something that males don't have. They want what they don't have.

How do you deal with a girl when she feel embrrassing?

Assure her that it is okay to feel embarrassed and that it happens to the best of people. try to comfort the embarrassed girl

Does every girl has breasts?

Yes, every girl has breasts.

Are 26AAA breasts too small for an 18yr old girl?

A cups are considered small. But taking note of your age, it's not that big a deal too. Fact is, your breasts will continue to grow.

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Well it depends. He wants a girl who is a fan of him and his bros and he also wants a girl who he can talk deep with. He also wants a girl who love to laugh and who can make him laugh!

This girl wants to talk to you but you feel that you cant do it but you want to What is wrong with you?

You're nervous :) ;)

Everything a girl wants to have to make them feel prettier?

I girl needs a smile, make up and a stress free life to make her feel prettier.

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