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Don't think the VIN will do you any good for the color. Some locations for paint code. The radiator support on the top of it. Drivers side door post in the front door opening. Some have a tag on the support board in the trunk over the spare tire.

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Where can you find the color code for the paintwork on 1989 Prelude SI?

Most all info about a vehicle is contained in the Vehicle Identification Number. (VIN)... located on a thin strip at the base of the windshield on the drivers side. Ask a Honda Prelude dealer to decode the VIN for you. Good Luck>>>>>adr>>>>>

What are the four sections of the DOT placard?

symbol, UN hazard class number, color, UN identification number

Can you determine what car an engine came from by its serial number?

Yes! You can search for information that will give engine codes. I have been able to find them by searching vin codes. The vin will tell the trim package that the vehicle came with as well. Depending on the age of the vehicle, this information may be very hard to find though.Answer:The VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) holds all manufacturing information about the vehicle. This number is stamped into all engine blocks as well as the head, and can usually be found on a tag on the engine, the firewall, and a variety of other locations on every vehicle (depending on the manufacturer). There are a number of VIN decoders available on the internet (one is linked below). You can also take the VIN to a dealership (once you have determined the make) and have the parts department decode it for you down to the paint color of the original body.

Where can I find the specific car paint color name or number on my vehicle?

It really depends on the make of your vehicle. Most car information is contained in he VIN number. It contain the Paint color name and number.

Where is paint code located on 97 sidekick?

Typically, this information is on the information label which is affixed to the driver's door jamb. Look for the word "color" somewhere on the label and make a note of the code. Or call the dealer and give them the Vehicle Identification Number. They should be able to look up your color code.

What is the color scheme for the number plate of a commercial vehicle?

That depends on the country where the vehicle is registered and then perhaps the state of that country.

What is the color code on club peguin elight penguin force?

Decode the code to find out.

What is the least reliable mineral identification property?


What color is Hayley Williams' hair in the music video Decode?

Is is a deep red color, sometimes called a cherry red.

Is color the best physical characteristic for mineral identification?

Specimen color is the least reliable method of mineral identification. Better characteristics are streak, density, and crystal structure.

What does the numbers on a Chevrolet serial number represent?

Are you talking about the big number visible when looking down on the dashboard on the driver's side from outside the car? That is what is called the Vehicle Identification Number, or VIN Encoded in that alphanumeric string is the location the car was assembled, where the engine was manufactured, the date of manufacture, the body style and color scheme, and a few other pieces of information.

Can you find out your car colour using the reg number?

find color by reading vin number or id plate on vehicle not by reg

How reliable is color when determining what a mineral is?

Color is the least reliable of a mineral's characteristics used in its identification.

What is the least reliable physical property for mineral identification?


What is vehicle body color molding?

It is a piece of molding normally running down the side of the vehicle that is painted the same color as the vehicle.

Which property is more realiable in mineral Identification Color or streak?


Why is streak often more useful for mineral identification than color?

Because the streak is the color of a mineral when it is powdered form

Why do you test the streak color of a mineral?

A streak test is used to determine a minerals streak color. This can help in the identification of minerals.

What is the answer to the free app of the monster high 1600 decode for Frankie stein?

What color is my right eye? Then the entry code is blue,

What does cat tattoos mean?

Cats are tattooed in their ears for identification. A vet will tattoo a cat with a string of letters and numbers, in a specific color, which identifies the clinic, and a number which identifies the cat.

How do you check car made and model with car id number?

You will find a little metal plate with a number on your dashboard, (usually close to the lower edge of the windshield - "front window"), this number is called "VIN", which stands for "Vehicle Identification Number", this number is a code which has all the information on your car, model, color, engine type, transmission, and lots of other info. If you have (for exmaple a chevrolet), just google vin decode chevrolet, BMW, Opel, or whatever your brand is, then insert this number in the decoder and it will give you everyhting your car has (or should have), even if it has power sunroof, etc. If you do not know the brand of the car, open the engine compartment and check the inside of the fenders, there should be a sticker stating the brand, another place to look for it is on the driver door (there should be a sticket under the door latch. Good luck.

Does the vin tell which engine is in the truck?

Yes, the VIN number will identify the model, color, engine, trim, and other features of your vehicle.

Toyota Camry LE black car color code?

There are many shades of black with different paint codes. In order to figure out the paint code on the Camry the best thing would be to call a Toyota dealership and talk to someone in the parts department. The parts associate will be able to use your vehicle identification number to tell you the code.

Which mineral properties are most useful for identification?

Hardness and streak color are very important. The color of the mineral helps some, as well.

Is it cheaper to insure a yellow car?

The color of the vehicle has absolutely nothing to do with the price of the insurance. I have heard this for yeard that read red vehicles cost more for auto insruance and this is absolutely falso. The insurance company does not even know what color the car is when we insure it. There is noting in the serial number that even tells the policy what color the vehicle is.