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There is 3 clips that hold the windshield molding on each side. Check to make sure that they are holding the trim in place. If they are broken you can order them from your dealer or from a glass shop.

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How much should a starter replacement cost for Mitsubishi Montero Sport?

Around $50

Mitsubishi Montero Is t a FWD or RWD?

The Mitsubishi Montero is RWD but only when it is in 2WD, when shifted into 4WD it obviously uses all 4 wheels. But when just going around the city and high way it is RWD.

Why is antifreeze pouring from behind the plastic cover that goes around the crankshaft pulley on a 1995 Mitsubishi montero with a 3.0l engine?

sounds like the water pump is leaking

Where do the timing marks on a 94 Mitsubishi montero with a 3.0 sohc point to?

The 1994 Mitsubishi 3.0 liter engine timing marks can be found on the front main pulley. The timing marks will be scattered around the outside of the front main pulley.

How do you remove factory radio on a Mitsubishi 2002 montero?

There is a frame around the radio that can be remove with a screw driver. Once this is remove you will be able to see four screws that need to be removed.

Where is the multi-purpose fuse box in a 1989 Mitsubishi Montero?

should be to the left of the steering wheel. With driver side door closed its blocked. More specifically its to the left around the corner from the far left are vent.

Where is the antenna motor on 2002 Mitsubishi Montero Limited Can hear a click under dash when antenna turns on and off but no motor sound Inherited her and there was no whip?

Pretty sure it is around the passenger fender - underneath the plastic housing.

How do you remove a 1949 windshield?

Carefully take the trim off from around the windshield then very, very carefully cut the calk that is between the windshield and the frame loose.

How much should I pay for windshield glass repair?

You should pay around $100-$250 for windshield glass repair.

How much labor time is ther in painting front bumper on a 99 Mitsubishi montero sport?

It should be anywhere between 1.8 and 2.3 hrs for base coat refinish with 1.0 clear coat time application. The total labor refinish time should be around 3.2hrs.

What the names of some Mitsubishi dealerships in and around the London area?

There are several Mitsubishi dealers in London. A few of these are North City Autos located in Chingford, Humming Bird Mitsubishi in Finchley, and SMC Mitsubishi in Hillingdon.

What is the border around the windshield called?

door pad or safe pad

How do I find wholesale prices on Replacement windshield?

Call around some of the windshield distributors in your area, or try searching online for one that fits to your car.

How do you replace your front windshield on for explorer?

you will need special tools. a windshield cut out knife,sheetrock knife. first remove the wipers ,the cowl. thenuse sheetrock knife to cut moulding around windshield then use cutout knife to cut around windshield .cut out old urethane ,use wind shield primer on anyscratches in the paint.lay out a 1\2 inch bead of urethane around pinch new windshield and install .use masking tape at the top to hold it up until it dries.put it back together

How you take out windshield for an 1986 Chevy Celebrity?

To remove the windshield from a Chevy Celebrity: To remove the windshield you will need a special knife to cut thru the "glue' that holds the windshield in place. Remove the weather strip that is around the outside of the window. Take off the windshield wiper arms. Remove the screws and take off the air inlet panel at the base of the windshield. Slide the knife between the glass and the metal frame and cut the "glue" loose around the perimeter of the windshield. Once the "glue" is cut free the windshield should easily be removed. If the windshield is not already broken you stand a good chance of breaking it trying to remove it. I have seen the special knife available for sale at Harbor Freight, I would think there are other stores which also carry it.

Where is the head gasket located on a Mitsubishi Galant?

up your but and around the cornner

Where can I find new windshield wipers?

You can find new windshield wipers all around America. You can find them at Auto Smart and other places you buy equiptment for your cars. Another place to find windshield wipers are at Auto Zone and Walmart.

What type of material is used in making windshield covers?

Windshield covers can be made as simple as cutting some thick painters plastic to the size of your windshield and placing magnetic strips around the edges so it stays secure to your car. Or you can buy a windshield cover that is generally made from a UV resistant cloth fabric.

Does moving around a lot decrease your chances of conception?


How can you stop rainwater from leaking through the overhead console which is above the windshield in a 2002 Chrysler Town and Country?

Your windshield seal has gone bad, using some black rtv silicone all around the top of the windshield seal will help, be sure to get it under the rubber outside part. Or, to get it done right see a windshield shop, they can re-seal your entire windshield cheaply in a little time.

How much do Mitsubishi used cars usually cost?

"The price range for used mitsubishi cars vary by area. They normally cost from 3,000-30,000. I own used 2002 mitsubishi eclipes and I paid around 10,000 for it."

What is the new car price for the Mitsubishi Lancer 2006?

The 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer is no longer new but when they came out they were priced at around 30,0000. You can now find them used for around 10,000 to 18,000 depending on the options desired.

Can you drive with a cracked windshield in Indiana?

Driving around in Indiana with a windshield suffering from a small crack is fine. But, if the crack exceeds the size of a credit car the glass must be replaced.

Why is Mitsubishi motors leaving North America?

Because unlike Toyota, they only offer 5 models to the public. In the 90's they did not offer the same products as in other countries. In other countries they offer a very nice 4 door pickup L200 and a minivan L300. They discontinued the Montero and never offered a 2-door montero that was available all over the world. The Lancer was not the same Lancer offered around the world, and the Galant has been watered down for the American market. The dealers in the US are not the greatest either.

Price of new windshield for S430 Mercedes Benz?

the cost will be around 800$ installed

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