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Castle defense depended on thorough preparation by the defenders. Strong, high walls with reinforced gates were just the beginning of the defensive infrastructure. The walls had to be high enough to make it difficult and costly to climb over, and they had to be thick enough to withstand concentrated attacks by siege engines such as rams, catapults and fire. The defenders needed to have a large enough supply of food and water to hold out against the attackers for extended periods of time. Starvation was very bad for morale and could lead to disease and sickness among the besieged citizens and soldiers. An adequate supply of weapons was one of the keys to the defense. Bows, arrows, swords, halberds, pikes and all manner of weapon were easily damaged or spent, making frequent replacement necessary. Fuel for heating and cooking had to be stockpiled in sufficient quantities to provide for the needs of all the people within the walls. The will to hold out was probably the hardest thing to supply. It was necessary for the leadership of the defenders to keep their people from giving up hope. Propaganda was surely used to inform the besieged of the danger of defeat. Extolling the virtues of their own people and vilifying the enemy would serve to give the citizenry a moral high ground which they would not want to give up.
they were defended by armys and by fighting. also motte and bailey castles were worse so they had stone castles were used.

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Most of the time barely any fighting occured for a long time so the above statement is false. Most of the time the castle would hurl whatever it could at the enemy army so they cant completely surround them to starve them out. If ladders were used to scale the walls... well movies should tell you how that goes pushed over or burned. Most of the time no fighting occured because it was not needed, the castle/town didn't have enough food or other supplies to defend it so they surrendered, or dead bodies and animals were flung at the enemy or into the castle to spread the disease. A moat though was mainly a simple way to keep some distance with the enemy. normally as few as 14 soilders defended a castle mainly because the others we busy doing what those who were invading were trying to do or they were off on the crusades. Alot if the fighting occured though as a futal attempt to try to get out of the castle so they don't starve or get any disease that may be in the castle. Another reason is that the land lord was simply stubborn and wasn't going to give in without taking as many of the enemy troops with as he could. Most soilders were volenteers that wanted to help protect their land or simple archers and foot soilders who didn't normally have the money for a horse or much armour such as plate armour to protect them so they used chain mail. Most castles were brought down by 1 main flaw. The towers. They were square till the late middle ages so the archers had blind spots all across the walls so they had to stick their heads and upper body out the window to get some of the enemy troops and were normally shot down.

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There are many different ways in which a castle could have been defended. Many castles were defended by big guards.
A castle has many ways to defend itself. The first defense would be to build curtain walls around the castle. Stone castles also had very thick walls. Another way was to build a moat around the castle and build gaps into the walls to shoot arrows through and pour boiling liquids.
Heaver Castle was defended by five things:

Moat and draw bridge

Slit windows


Outer wall

Gate house with large wooden doors and portcullis.

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Q: How do you defend a castle?
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