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You should keep a good spyware removal program on your computer. My favorite is "Registry Easy " that not only removes spyware but also immunizes your computer from many harmful programs. If that does not work make sure your anti-virus is up to date. If you do not have anti-virus, download AVG anti-virus. It is also free and finds things Norton anti-virus will miss.

Hijack This, from trend micro. very useful tool, if you know the name or directory of the hijacker. AVG sucks. SuperAntispyware will prevent hijacking, and fight it.

Avast seems to be the leader in successfully finding and killing viruses/trojans, to MY experience. And for spyware/adware "MalwareBytes Antimalware" has caught more than I've seen out of spybot, adaware, and many others. But I would suggest keeping Spybot installed anyway.

Avast Antivirus is completely free, and you don't have to do anything the first 60 days. Just download, install, and it's good to go for 2 months. After that the trial key will expire, and you'll have to register your email with them, and they will send you a key code good for a year. You can even put in a fake name if you want, just need a valid email.

I think Malwarebytes, is free as well, however it may nag you to buy the pro version occasionally. But the free has worked flawlessly for me.

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Q: How do you delete hijacker programs?
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