How do you delete websites?

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If is your own website, you can easily delete it, yet if it is not your own website, you can not delete it. If it has inappropriate content, see if there is a 'contact us' section to have the issue resolved.

  • If you are the owner click on manage (at the top) then scroll down to the bottom and click X Delete Ning Network

  • If you are not the owner then email them and askthem to delete it.
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Q: How do you delete websites?
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How do you delete websites from your favorites list?

right click and press delete

How to Delete all websites visited in this computer?

Press ctrl+h. History of visited websites will appear. Click delete history for this day.

What do you need to do to erase websites from your computer?

Delete your history

How do you delete a friend?

On most websites, you can delete a friend by going to your friends list and choosing the option to delete. You may have to go to the friends page and find the option to delete.

How do you get rid of websites on your computer?

delete your browser history you pervert.

How do you delete visited websites from computer memory?

If you delete your history the visited websites are still stored in index.dat files. To delete them just download Privacy Mantra and that should remove the index.dat files and it also remove other privacy threats.

How do you delete websites from your searcher?

Go to tools then click on internet options then click on delete temporary files or delete cookies or clear history or you can do all of the avove.

Does a legal websites utilize the same search methods?

yes unless you delete it

How do you delete what websites you've seen?

1. You can delete websites that you've seen by clearing hsitory of browser. 2. Clear Cookies 3. Clear Temporary Files 4. Run >> Type Local Settings >> History >> Delete all folder in it like Today, Yesterday...

How do you get rid of websites from your browser?

You can just keep putting websites in the webbrowser until you can't see it anymore. Or you can go to tools and delete it.

Can you find out what websites you go on even if you delete your history?

you can down load software from my website...

How do you get rid of username and passwords?

On Windows: Go to the control pannel click on user acounts then click on the user you want to delete then select delete user. This will only work if you are an administrator. On Websites and/or games: Some websites let you delete your username, but most do not you should just not use that username and forget all about it.

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