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How do you determine if the heater core is bad?

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check for leaks, usually wet in the interior front. do or have a pressure test done on the system, use the color dye to identify the location. If that is not the problem then that leave 2 more to try. the problem may be in the venting of the air. sometimes the vent controls don't work.(redirect the air) They can get stuck. they have three main methods of control. electical, mechanical, or vaccum. that is what i can think of for the minute. hope it helps. duboff it will leak fluid. however they can become plugged if you have failed to change your antifreeze for a long time. this would restricting the flow throw it. If your radiator is gummed up odds are the heater core is also... only check while the engines cold!

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What is the problem when the window get fogged and a sweet smell is coming from the vents?

bad heater core bad heater core

Your heater blows cold in your Lincoln?

COULD BE A BAD HEATER CORE COULD BE A BAD HEATER CORE sounds like the heater control switch needs replacing.if that doesnt fix it, you need new heater core

What are the signs of a bad heater core in 98 ford expedition?

The most common signs of a bad heater core are; no heat or fluid leaking into the passenger compartment. The heater core can have a leak or it can be plugged.

How do you change the heater core of a 1997 corolla and what are the symptoms of a bad heater core?

coolant on the floor

How do you know when a heater core is bad?

You know the heater core is bad when your truck leaks antifreeze onto the floor of the passenger side.

How do you know if your heater core is bad?

The first sign that a heater core is bad is the lack of heat from the blower motor on a vehicle. The second sign that a heater core is bad is water on the floor of the passenger side foot well on a vehicle.

Why does the anti-freeze leak through the vents on a 96 Chrysler lhs?

Check the heater core, it is probably bad. It could be heater hose connections to the heater core, but I would bet on the heater core going bad.

Why no heat in cab of f350 diesel?

no heat can be caused by,blocked heater core insufficient coolant in engine blocked heater hoses from engine to heater core bad heater thermostat bad thermostat in engine bad heater control switch

1994 Camaro heater wont work?

you have a bad heater core

How do you tell if the heater core is bad?

when your feet are wet-(the core is leaking!)

Is heater core vapor bad for your health?

no, no its not

What are the Symptems of a bad heater core?

smoky mist coming from the heater vents.

Heater leaking water on your Chevrolet trucker?

Probably a bad heater core.

Bad smell coming from the heater of your 95 Jeep Cherokee what could cause it?

A bad smell coming from the heater in a vehicle can indicate a bad heater core. One way to check this out is to see if the smell is worse when you sit in the passenger seat. If it is, there is a good chance the heater core is bad.

Will a bad heater core cause the car not to start?

No it wont. The heater core is just a small radiator inside the cabin that when the fan is turned on heats the air. A bad heater core will cause you to have no heat inside or will leak coolant on the carpet.

Where is the heater core on 1994 BMW 530i?

On the 1994 BMW 530i, the heater core is located under the dash in the engine compartment. You know the heater core is bad when it starts to leak.

How do you fix heater on 2000 grand marquis?

is your heater core bad or thermostat bad need more details

1999 mercury villiger no heater blower?

Most likely a bad heater core

Why is there no heat in a 1996 Sonoma?

could be a number of reasons etc bad thermostat,clogged heater core,leaking heater core,

If the front windshield fogs up when you turn the heater on and you smell strong anitfreeze is the heater core bad?

Those are the classic symptoms for a heater matrix (core) leaking

Why does my 2004 Monte Carlo heater blow cold air?

Low coolant? Bad thermostat? Heater control cable not adjusted properly? Heater core airbound? Heater core plugged?

If 98 explorer smells like burnt radiator fluid inside when you turn on the heater and has water leaking near the passenger side firewall outside is this a bad heater core if so how do you fix it?

bad heater core

Why does antifreeze leak from the fire wall when filling the reservoir -pours out of black rubber drain under heater core hoses?

I also need an answer to this question, but my floorboard does not get wet. Is it clogged or is it a bad heater core? It is most likely a bad heater-core if it is antifreeze.

Will a Bad heater core in my 91 ford tempo cause the overflow and radiator to empty?

Only if the coolant is leaking from the heater core, but you will see this.

Why does your 1991 Cadillac Seville dashboard leak water?

your windshield seal could be bad or you may have a bad heater core if it is leaking bad you'll know soon enough, its the heater core!. Mines doing the same thing and its the heater core. The bad news is that the part is only 75.-100. bucks but the labor will eat you alive.

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