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primary policy will be medicare&secondary will bethe patient's commercial insurance medicare covers all.the remaining which is not allowable wiill be covered by secondary

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Q: How do you determine primary and secondary coverage for an adult patient covered by two full benefit polices?
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How do you determine primary and secondary coverage for an adult patient covered by two full benefit commercial polices?

AnswerIf both policies are in his name (like he has two jobs) then the older policy will be prime. I one is a spouse's policy then that would be secondary.

Can a wifes maternity expenses be covered by the husbands insurance if her insurance does not have coverage?

If you both have coverage the wife's policy will be primary, and the husband's will be secondary - provided the wife is covered under the husband's policy. Submit the unpaid claims to the secondary carrier.

What is the difference between primary and secondary commercial claims?

The primary coverage is provided under the plan provided by the employer. Secondary coverage is usually a result of being covered as a dependent under someone else's health insurance plan.

What are facts needed to define the term life insurance?

Term life insurance is a type of insurance coverage offered to a group of people. This coverage will provide a benefit to the beneficiaries if the covered individual dies during the defines covered period.

What is the suffix of cover?

covered covering

Is an IUD covered by hap insurance?

It is best to check directly with your insurance provider to determine your plan coverage. Some plans only cover a specific device I.e. Paragard or Mirena. Additionally, you can check with your healthcare provider's office to determine coverage eligibility.

What is reasonable coverage recommended for a condominium home owner's insurance?

Your broker can help you determine how much insurance to carry in your HO-6 policy, based on what might be covered in the association's master insurance policy.Ask your board or your management company to send you a coverage page from the master policy, then you and your broker can determine the coverage you need.

If theres a lapse in hazard homeowners insurance am istill covered?

No. You are not covered in a lapse period. A period of lapse in coverage means " No Coverage ".

What is Medical coverage?

It is when you are covered with medical expences.

Are costs to remove fallen trees covered on homeowners policy?

It depends on what kind of policy you purchased, Some will provide coverage for debris removal while others do not. Contact your insurance agent to determine what scope of coverage you purchased.

If a person has two Medical insurances and the primary denies due to preexisting will the secondary pay?

It depends on a few things. If your primary insurance is say less than 2 years old, they can deny claims to determine whether the condition is pre-existing. If you have had the secondary policy longer/ or the pre-x period has already been satisfied, then they may pay the claim as secondary. As long as the treatment is indicated as covered benefits in the policy. These cases are common when both spouses have covered each other on their jobs. And/or when a child is covered under both parents policies. There could be a coordination of coverage issue with the latter.

When husband is working and his wife collects SSI can she still be covered under her husbands employee health insurance?

Yes! If she has a state-funded insurance also, the husband's coverage will be secondary.

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