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break down here of what the numbers mean.

2009-01-12 16:39:53
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How do you determine what model of Sears Riding Mower?

There should be a model and serial number plate or sticker located either on the frame or under the seat. The engine also has a serial number and model on he base of the engine .

How do you find out what model and year your 250 Yamaha dirt bike is frame number is 3RB-012812?

3RB-012812 is not a frame number for a 250 Yamaha dirt bike; it's a motor number. To find out the model year and frame, you need the frame number.

Where is the model number on a smith and wesson model 60 revolver?

The serial number should be located on the frame,after you open the cylinder.Look where the cylinder arm lays into the frame.

Where do you find the model number on your German Luger?

the frame

Tring to find what year your 4wheeler is the vin is 478te2205y41106ts?

That would be a 2000 model year.

Were is the serial number on hi standard model b?


How old and what model is a Smith and Wesson 38 With serial number 54xxxx on a K frame with no model number or frame size listing?

Need to know barrel length and ALL markings.

How do you determine the year model of a fourwheeler?

on most it should be somewhere on the frame like on a Honda is in front by the shock

Where is the serial number on a SW Model 1?

Look on the frame and butt.

How do you read a serial number for a SW model 39?

It's on the frame.

Can you find Yamaha motorcycle model with frame serial number?

A Yamaha dealer should be able to help you, I don't know how to read a frame number.

What year and model is your Kawasaki klf 300-frame number LF300c-605958?

klf 300-frame number LF300c-604814

Where do you find the model number and year on my Yamaha grizzly ATV?

You find it as a 17 digit number stamped into the frame on the left lower frame rail.

Where is the VIN on a polaris model w917527?

The vin number is stamped either on a plate attached to the frame or in the frame itself below the gas tank on the right hand side by the shifter lever. You will see the model/frame number "W917527" then in smaller characters you will see the vin number right below it. The breakdown for the model number is: I don't know what the "W" stands for but the "91" is the year, it is a 1991, the "75" is the frame code and the "27" is the motor code.

What is 25-2?

N frame S&W Model number.

Were can you find the model number on a bike chassis?

sometimes it is on a sticker on the inside of the frame.

What model marlin pump shotgun has the serial number 172543?

It is almost impossible to determine what a model number is based only on the serial number.

How do you determine the year a model 92 was manufactured?

The serial number

How do you determine year model of 90 Hp Yamaha outboard by the serial number?

Yamaha outboards presently uses the last letter in the model number to determine the year model of the engine. Each letter of the alphabet represents a particular model year run.

How do you determine year of 70 Hp Yamaha outboard by the model number?

By the letter in the number

What model and year made is the 22 caliber long rifle ctg six shot revolver k frame seriel 62590?

probably a model 17 or 18. look in the cylinder frame area for model number

What year is the serial number for a model 70 G1691253?

81-83 time frame.

How do you find out what year your evinrude motor is?

Model # is E8RCSS Serial# is E0006522 Evinrude uses the model number to determine the year model. The above model number designates an 1980 model , 8 hp.

How can you determine what year a Winchester Model 64 was made?

By the serial number.

How do you determine date of manufactor of Winchester model 1300?

The serial number