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most likely the sensor for the rear abs is bad which also controls the speed sensor this sensor is located in the rear end where the gears are it's on top of the housing and should have only two wires going to it and is held in place with one bolt fairly inexpensiv from your local parts store


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my ranger did the same thing you need to check the wires and the plugs or your o2 sensor behind your cat if ths wont fix the problem you have a serious problem!

A check engine light means you have a possible problem with the emission system , you should get the Ranger scanned for trouble codes to diagnose and repair the problem . Once the problem has been repaired the check engine light can be reset.

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I had the same problem with my 98 ranger you need a a special tool to remove the brackets that hold it in place It is not an easy task

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I have a similar problem.....93 Ranger that the temp gauge doesn't work. The engine doesn't overheat. I see different ohmage readings when engine is cold and when it is warmed up, so seems the temp sensor is operating ok. The reference voltage on the temp sensor wire is 5 volts with the key on. Where is the fuse wire located? thanks.My email address is:

A Ford Ranger may die going uphill due to ignition problems. There could also be a problem with the fuel injection or fuel pump.

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