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The high speed shut down is controled by the computer that controls the electronics. This upper limit of speed (generally about 99 on a truck) is a parameter with in the system. Generally this parameter can not be changed. There are however 'performance chip' upgrades you can purchase (about $120 - $150) that will give you truck a power boost and (in most cases) remove the upper speed limit. Search the internet for Performance Chip or contact your local auto parts store for more information.

But.. keep in mind... the upper limit is there for many reasons...

1. It's not safe 2. It's not legal 3. Higher speeds require higher speed rated tires which are not standard. 4. Higher speeds make trucks more unstable than cars due to their areodymanics.

(Just some disclaimers that I thought needed to be said.)

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Q: How do you diable the high speed shut down on a 2004 Ford Ranger 4.0?
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