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sound like bad rings

It doesn't sound like bad rings, if it was burning oil the smoke would be blue. Black smoke sounds like it's running too rich, that would explain the running rough, stalling and lack of power, it's getting more fuel than it can burn.


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No, there isn't a Black Samurai Ranger and there will not be a Black Samurai Ranger.

There is no Zeo Black Ranger however the Zeo Ranger that had mostly a black color to it was the Gold Ranger.

The names of the Black Rangers are Zack, the first Black Ranger in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Adam is the second Black Ranger in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Carlos is the Black Ranger in Power Rangers In Space, Danny is the Black Ranger in Power Rangers Wild Force, Tommy returns to be the Black Ranger in Dino Thunder, Will is the Black Ranger in Overdrive, Dillon is the Black Ranger in RPM and Jake is the Black Super Megaforce Ranger.

Depends on what Black Ranger you're talking about. There was Zack, the first Black Ranger. then there was Adam, the second Black Ranger. then there was Corcus, the third Black Ranger. He was a member of the Power Rangers from Aquitar. then there was Carlos who was the fourth Black Ranger. He was part of the "Power Rangers In Space" team. then there was Danny who was the fifth Black Ranger - who was a member of the Wild Force team. then there was Tommy who came back for "Dino Thunder" and became the sixth Black Ranger overall. then there was Will, the seventh Black Ranger. He was a member of the "Power Rangers Operation Overdrive" team.

No, there is a Red Ranger, a Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, Black Ranger, Silver Ranger, and White Ranger.

There are 21 Dino Ranger powers since there are 6 Mighty Morphin Ranger powers as a result of there being a Green Ranger, a Black Ranger, a Pink Ranger, a Blue Ranger, a Yellow and a Red Ranger, the Dino Thunder team features 5 powers - Red Ranger, Blue Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Black Ranger and White Ranger and the Dino Charge features a minimum of ten powers with the Green Ranger, Black Ranger, Pink Ranger, Blue Ranger, Red Ranger, Gold Ranger, Graphite, Purple Ranger, Aqua Ranger and Silver Ranger.

These are the Black Rangers so far:Zack Taylor (Mighty Morphin Power Ranger)Adam Park (Mighty Morphin Power Ranger)Corcus (Mighty Morphin)Carlos Vallerte (Power Rangers in Space)Danny Delgado (Power Rangers Wild Force)Tommy Oliver (Power Rangers Dino Thunder)Will Aston (Power Rangers Operation Overdrive)Dillon (Power Rangers RPM)Jake Holling (Power Rangers Megaforce)

Tommy oliver:original green ranger, original white ranger, red zeo ranger, red turbo ranger, black prdt ranger.

Black is excessive fuel, or rich.

To date there have been two Rangers whose suit was both black and gold. They are the Gold Ranger in Zeo and the Ranger Operator Series Gold in RPM.

Zack = Black Ranger Kimberly = Pink Ranger Billy = Blue Ranger Trini = Yellow Ranger Jason = Red Ranger Tommy = Green/White Ranger

The ORIGINAL Black Ranger was Zack from the Series Power Rangers Mighty Morphin He loves to dance and is energetic

There are 7 Rangers in RPM and they are Scott as Ranger Red, Summer as Ranger Yellow, Flynn as Ranger Blue, Dillon as Ranger Black, Ziggy as Ranger Green, Gem as Ranger Gold and Gemma as Ranger Silver.

Black smoke = excessive fuel entering the engine

Jason David Frank as Tommy/Green Ranger & White Ranger Amy Jo Johnson as Kimberly/Pink Ranger Walter Emmanuel Jones as Zack/Black Ranger (was replaced by Johnny Yong Bosch as Adam/Black Ranger) Austin St. John as Jason/Red Ranger (was replaced by Steve Cardenas as Rocky/Red Ranger) Thuy Trang as Trini/Yellow Ranger (was replaced by Karen Ashley as Aisha/Yellow Ranger) David Yost as Billy/Blue Ranger

You cannot trade between Pokémon Ranger and Pokémon Black 2.

The Wolf is Ranger Operator Series Black's animal.

excessive or unburnt fuel.

Tommy played 5 Power Rangers, he played the Green Ranger, he played the White Ranger twice, he played the Red Zeo Ranger, the Red Turbo Ranger and the Black Brachio Ranger.

The names of the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers are Zack Taylor the first Black Ranger, Adam Park the second Black Ranger, Kimberly Hart the first Pink Ranger, Katherine "Kat" Hillard the second Pink Ranger, Billy the Blue Ranger, Trini Kwan the first Yellow Ranger and Aisha Campbell the second Yellow Ranger, Jason Lee Scott (later called Jason Lee) the first Red Ranger and Rocky DeSantos the second Red Ranger and Tommy Oliver who was the Green Ranger for the first season and some of the second season and then he became the White Ranger.

The Rangers are Zack Taylor as the Black Mighty Morphin Ranger, Kimberly Ann Hart as the Pink Mighty Morphin Ranger, Billy as the Blue Mighty Morphin Ranger, Trini Kwan as the Yellow Mighty Morphin Ranger, Jason as the Red Mighty Morphin Ranger and the second Gold Ranger in Zeo, Tommy as the Green and White Mighty Morphin Rangers along with being Zeo Ranger 5, the Red Turbo Ranger and the Dino Thunder Black Ranger, Adam as the second Black Mighty Morphin Ranger, Zeo Ranger 4 and the Green Turbo Ranger, Aisha as the second Yellow Mighty Morphin Ranger, Rocky as the second Red Mighty Morphin Ranger and Zeo Ranger 3, Kat Hillard as the second Pink Mighty Morphin Ranger, Zeo Ranger 2 and the Pink Turbo Ranger, Delphine the White Alien Ranger, Corcus the Black Alien Ranger, Cestro the Blue Alien Ranger, Tideus the Yellow Alien Ranger, Aurico the Red Alien Ranger, Tanya Sloan the Yellow Zeo Ranger and the Yellow Turbo Ranger, Carlos the second Green Turbo Ranger and only Black Space Ranger, Cassie Chan the second Pink Turbo Ranger and only Pink Space Ranger, Justin the Blue Turbo Ranger, T.J. the second Red Turbo Ranger and the only Blue Space Ranger, Ashley the second Yellow Turbo Ranger and the only Yellow Space Ranger, Andros the Red Space Ranger, Zhane the Silver Space Ranger, Damon the Green Lost Galaxy Ranger, Kendrix and Karone as the first and second Pink Lost Galaxy Rangers respectively, Kai the Blue Lost Galaxy Ranger, Maya the Yellow Lost Galaxy Ranger, Leo the Red Lost Galaxy Ranger and Mike the Magna Defender.

Blue smoke = excessive motor oil. Black smoke = excessive fuel. White smoke = engine coolant

Doctor Tommy Oliver became the Black Ranger during Power Rangers Dino Thunder's Fifth episode which was titled "Back in Black."

No not every season has had a Pink Ranger the seasons that did not have a Pink Ranger would include Wild Force who had White, Black, Blue, Yellow, Red and a Silver Ranger who was called the Lunar Wolf Ranger, Ninja Storm who had 2 red Rangers, 2 blue Rangers, a Yellow Ranger and a Green Ranger, Dino Thunder who had Red, Yellow, Blue, Black and White, Jungle Fury who had Red, Blue, Yellow, White and a Purple Ranger that was called the Rhino Ranger and RPM who had Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, Green, Gold and Silver.

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