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How do you disassemble the front driver side door on a 93 Buick Roadmaster?


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The first step is to find a single Phillips screw hidden in the carpet on the lower rear side of the panel. It is approx 5 inches in and 4 inches up. Remove it. Next, peel each end of the grab handle inward to reveal a single large Phillips screw (1 per side). Remove the screws. Next remove the single screw behind the interior door handle and remove the door handle surround over the hadle itself. the rest of the fasteners are snap type. Start at the bottom using the special door fastner tool to release. You can just pull forcefully, but it usually breaks these fasteners. Once the door is only hanging from the top strip, remove all elecrical connections. Next roll down the window and pull upward on the panel to release it from the lower window strip. Installation is reverse of removal.


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front bottom of timing chain cover.

attached to the frame on the drivers side in front of the rear wheel

Under the vehicle, passenger side, 2 feet in front of the rear tire, just inside the frame.

On the frame rail in front of the rear wheels. Can't remember rt. or lft. side. Rick D.

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