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Door Lock on a '79 CorvetteI had this same problem on my '79. I found that it was the latch not getting out of the way so that the lock can move. I know this sounds strange, but sometimes the latch gets stuck part way through its motion and this will not let the locking device move.

Cure: I sprayed lots of ether (or degreaser or carburetor cleaner), using that little red tube, into the latch unit. This rinses off the old sticky dirty dried out lube. Then I sprayed in a little lube like WD40. Next "flick" the outside handle a few times. Next use the key to move the lock back and forth. It took a couple of tries but the door works fine now.

same m8 mine waz da same n i did wot u did n it work ed trust him

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Q: How do you disengage the door lock on a 1979 Corvette?
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How do you disengage an alarm on a 81 Corvette?

You disarm the system by unlocking the door. The controller picks up a ground from a device mounted on the end of the lock cylinder.

How do you disengage a residential door lock?

Usually with a key from the outside or thumbolt from the inside.

1984 corvette you need to replace the door lock switch how do you get to the switch?

== ==

How do you disengage the alarm on a 1984 Corvette without disconnecting the battery also how do you engage the alarm?

== == to engage the alarm press the door lock button on either door panel this will turn on the alarm to shut it off unlock the door from outside either side should disarm the alarm.

How do you unlock a Corvette with a dead battery?

By inserting the key in the door lock and turning.

Where are the door lock motors located on a 1979 Corvette?

== == remove the door panel about half way down the door and about 6 inches from the front inside edge of the door you will see 2 large rivets that hold the lock actuator in place,if i remember correctly it will have a 2 wire harness run to it,hope this helps

How do you disengage child lock on dodge vehicles?

Open the door, next to the door latch is a little slider. You use a key to slide the Child lock in the direction opposite where it is now.

Where is the power door lock relay located on a 1986 corvette?

I can't find it, does somebody have this answer?

How do you turn off a 1979 Corvette alarm?

On my 79 Corvette, the alarm system is activated when you lock the car with you key from outside the car. The alarm, if tripped, can only be disactivated by inserting your key in the lock mechanism and turned counter clock wise as if unlocking the door. NOTE, the alarm cannot be acivated by locking the door from the inside without use of your key. Don.

How do you disconnect alarm on 94 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

turning key in the door lock should disengage the alarm

How do you open rear passengers door on a Honda Civic that will not open from both sides?

The child safety lock is engaged. Disengage it on the door next to the latch.

How do you disengage child safety lock on right back passenger side?

Open the door and on the rim, you'll see the switch.

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