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Check all of the fuses to see if it blew a fuse, If you want to remove the seatbelt, pull the plastic cover and there are bolts inside to remove them. If you want to simply disconnect the electrical part, there is a connector under the sear.

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Q: How do you disengage the passive restraint automatic seatbelt lock mechanism on a 1991 Saturn SL2?
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What is the SRS in a 1997 dodge truck?

Supplemental/Safety Restraint Sytstem. ie: airbag, seatbelt...

What does the SRS light in the Volvo S70 mean?

I believe it means Supplemental Restraint System, which is airbag or seatbelt.

What is a child restraint?

If you are 18 or older and you are traveling with anyone under 18 you have to make sure they buckle their seatbelt or you can be fined

What is a child restraint law?

If you are 18 or older and you are traveling with anyone under 18 you have to make sure they buckle their seatbelt or you can be fined

Why won't the automatic seatbelt retract in a 93 Altima if all of the fuses are good?

A seat belt that will not retract in a 1993 Altima might be twisted in the mechanism on the floor of the vehicle. This part of the seat belt mechanism should be taken apart and inspected. If possible, try pulling it out as far as it will go and then see if it will retract.

Dog restraint stuck in Volvo s40 belt buckle?

We have a v40 and recently tried to buy a restraint that clipped directly into the buckle of the seatbelt. I was about to pay for the device when I noticed on the back the warning "not suitable for Volvo cars". Every other buckle restraint we checked had the same warning. Apparently Volvo in their wisdom have differing seat plugs on their seat belts.

How can you fix the automatic seatbelt on a 91 Nissan 240 sx?

there is a metal box under the center console, yank it out, done.

What causes SRS light on Honda accord?

SRS is Safety Restraint System. So perhaps a seatbelt is unbuckled in an occupied seat, or there's a malfunction somewhere in the SRS system.

Retracting the seatbelt escort?

I'm having this problem with my daughters car and somewhere I read.. to try turning the automatic seatbelt motor with a torx wrench just an idea here I HAVE NOT TRIED THIS YET. WE'RE GOING TO TRY THIS AND WIND THE SEATBELT TO THE HEAD POSITION THEN DISCONECT THE SEATBELT MOTOR VIA FUSE OR HARD WIRE the seatbelt motor runs when the car is off and drains the battery I hope this works GOODLUCK

What if the middle seatbelt is stuck in mondeo st24 how do you fix it?

I have encountered this problem in a standard 2.0 Mondeo. Basically, I have found that when the seat back is folded forward, with the mechanism in a horizontal plane (as opposed to a vertical plane), the release mechanism will not operate. This is extremely annoying as you you cannot then lift the seat back into the upright position as the jammed mechanism won't allow it. The answer is to pull the seat squab forward to access the seatbelt mounting bolt. Undo the mounting (you really need an appropriate sized torx spanner for this, but I found an Allen key worked OK). You can then raise the seatback and this releases the mechanism, and you can then reconnect the mounting. What you need to do now is to put a stop in the seatbelt (I've used a safety pin temporarily) to make sure the seatbelt does not reel in when you next lower the seat back. Hope this helps!

How do you repair the seat belt retract mechanism on the Kia Sedona?

As I understand it, there is a part of the seatbelt mechanism that works in tandem with the airbags in the event of a crash. It may be very problematic or even dangerous to try to repair this one yourself.

In a truck can two children share a seatbelt in the back seat?

Every state's laws are a bit different but all of them say something along the lines of "properly adjusted restraint". Unless the seatbelt was designed to restrain two children, it would be a violation of the child restraint law to have them in one seatbelt. By failing to properly use required safety devices, you could also be charged with child abuse and/or child endangerment. In the event of injury or death to a child not in a proper restraint, you could be convicted of felonies up to and including manslaughter. Most people protect children because they love their kids but if that doesn't move you, maybe the prospect of being the prison "wife" of a gangbanger for 2 to 5 years will get the little darlings in car seats.

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