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There is no way to disable the DTrs while driving, they are a safety issue. To turn off the DTRs, push down slightly on the parking brake pedal and the lights will go out.

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Q: How do you do disable the day time running lights on a 98 Tahoe?
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How do you disable day time running lights on a 2008 F-250?

You have to go to the Ford Dealer, and have them turn it off in the computer.

How do you disable day time running lights on a 1999 Chevy silverado?

push your parking brake one click and it will turn them out

How do you fix or disconect day time running on a 1999 Grand Prix?

To fix or disconnect the daytime running lights on a 1999 Grand Prix, you could begin by checking the running light fuse. If the fuse is damaged or blown, you can replace it to fix the lights. Remove the fuse if you want to disable to the lights.

Where is relay for day time running lights located on a '96 Tahoe?

No Relay, Just A fuse located on the drivers side dash when you open the door. It is under DLR (Day time running lights) silver finned box under dash, right side of sterring column

How do you disconnect day time running lights lancer?

On a 2008, fuse 13 (10 amp) located inside the fuse box in the engine bay controls your DRL. Removing it should disable your lights.

2004 Pontiac Montana running lights stay on?

Day time running lights?

What do day time running lights do?

Day time running lights are for saftey. They are design for notifying on comming traffic

Where is the day time running lights in a neon?

in the parking lights

Your daytime running lights in my 2000 Tahoe went out how do you repair them?

I am not familiar with the Tahoe but when both headlights go out on any car at the same time it is not usually not that both bulbs burned out at the same time. Usually something happened to the electricity. First you check for a fuse. Information about the fuse box will be in the owner's manual. Next, you check the switch to see if it has electricity coming out of it. If you have electricity leading from the light switch to the running lights, then you check to see if you have electricity going into the running lights. If you do, you have burned out bulbs or a bad socket. Otherwise, you have a bad wire.

The Day time Running Lights are not working on your 1997 Chevy Tahoe do you have any suggestion how you can fix it?

make sure that the parking brake pedal is all the way up, it is a feture that if this is pushed in that the lights will stay off. hope this helps

How do you activate daytime running lights on a Ford F450?

do 1998 ford f450 have day time running lights

How do you turn off the day time running lights on a 2008 Jeep Patriot?

vehicles equipped with day time running lights are designed to have the running lights on when the vehicle is running in gear.the only time you can change that is by turning on the headlights, or turning off the ignition. some running lights go out when the transmission is put into park. ( the only way to change that is by manually disabling the lights, like cutting wires, or breaking bulbs)

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