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on the iPod touch it appears as an app, but on the other ipods you can't


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if you have a iPOD you can download it on itunes if you have a iPOD you can download it on itunes

You do not install iTunes into your iPod. You have to use iTunes to download iPod software to get the iPod going.

No, you can only transfer Itunes to Ipod

Download itunes to your computer and then download a song from itunes store to itunes then hook up your ipod and your done

Plug you iPod into your computer after you install iTunes and sync it.

you can it is on itunes but i cant get it to download onto my ipod...

Not ever.You never have to download iTunes. Even if you buy an Ipod (The MP3 player that goes with and works with iTunes), you still don't have to download iTunes. If you wanted to, you could just have the iPod with no music on it, although I do recommend downloading iTunes if yo purchase any type of iPod (There are several diffrent kinds. Ex: iPod Shuffle, iPod Mini, etc.) You can download iTunes at the following link:

you need to have itunes, with itunes you can download all the music to your ipod!

Download from -> click 'iPod + iTunes'. There you will find the latest iTunes download.

if a friend has the songs you want ask them to sync them to a CD and then download them to your itunes and download them to your ipod.

No, you do not have to have an iTunes account to get music onto an iPod.

You just download it from itunes from the itunes store and sync it to your ipod or if you have a itouch, you can download it directly from the app store.

you put itunes on your computer or laptop, not the ipod itself. Then use itunes to download the music to your ipod. If you go on the apple website it has quite simple instructions on how to download itunes and music.

if you have downloaded the itunes back. you have convert the itunes to the format ipod nano supported.

you download itunes and buy songs . then connect your ipod to your computer/laptop and open itunes then it will download the songs automatically.

Yes, it doesn't matter what iTunes software you have, you can still download apps from it to download to the iPod Touch.

go on itunes website and download itunes, plug iPod into PC with itunes then sync

download them from itunes

This ipod manage software can transfer the files from ipod to computer, ipod to iTunes, and iPod to iPod:

No, but you can download iTunes for free here:

download itunes onto that PC and upload the photos onto itunes and then you can download the photos onto your iPod.

In order to download Sims on your iPod you will have to go to the iTunes store and search for the app. You will need to have an iTunes account to download the Sims app.

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