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You have to use a free program called iTunes. Just drag your mp3s to it and plug it your iPod.

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Can you download music videos on the iPod Nano 5G?

no you can not on the ipod nano 5G but if you get a classic or an ipod touch you can

How To Download Music To An iPod Nano?

How Do You Put Songs On Your Ipod Touch ?

Can you download music from limewier to an ipod nano?

yes, you can

How does music download on my iPod nano?

you have to go to i tunes and download it, but it is not free.:)

How do you download WWE music on ipod nano?

you first download it off the computer then add it to you ipod

If you have music on your computer can you download it to a iPod Nano?

yes of course

Can you download Google music to iPod nano?


How can you download picture into iPod nano?

how you can you download picture in your ipod nano

Why can't you download music to your ipod nano?

because you need Itunes

How do you put songs in iPod nano?

download itunes and buy music

Can you get Spotify for ipod nano?

Unfortunately you are unable to put it on the iPod Nano. You can on the iPod and the iPhone and iPad.

How do you download iTunes music from laptop to nano ipod not FROM ipod to laptop or iTunes?

if you have downloaded the itunes back. you have convert the itunes to the format ipod nano supported.

Which is better An MP3 player or an Ipod Nano I was wondering cause I can get either for Christmas?

I would suggest Ipod Nano because mp3 player you can just listen to music and other and other stuff but on Ipod nano it has calender, games, you can record videos and listen to music and on some ipod nano you can download unlimited music.

What do iPod Nano have?

the ipod nano has music,videos(you need to download them yourself),photos(download them yourself),podcasts,rado,video camera,extras,settings,and shufdfle songs.

Can a iPod Nano play music?

Yes, an iPod Nano can play music.

How do you download music on a watch phone?

When you say watch phone do you mean an iPod nano attached the the watch band? If so you download the music from iTunes and sync it to the ipod.

How to download a CD to a nano iPod?

Download the CD to ur computer and then convert all the music files.

Can you download apps onto a ipod nano?

The iPod Nano does not use apps.

How do you use an iPod nano?

I use iPod nano for listening music.

How can you download videos on the ipod nano?

videos on nano

Where can i download iPod nano 5d games?

in ipod where you download game

Can you download music for your ipod nano using LimeWire?

Yes you can. After you download the music just hit explore and send it to itunes and it will apear on your itun music list.

How can you import music from your cds to your Ipod Nano?

You have to download software off the internet called Itunes. You can then import the music to itunes, and then from itunes, you can put it in the ipod.

How do you download music to an iPod Nano without itunes?

put one of your Cd's in the computer and drag it onto your ipod. (your ipod needs to be plugged in.)

Which iPod can you shake to shuffle music?

The ipod nano without the video and the ipod nano with video.