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How do you download pictures from a lg pm-225 to a computer?

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LG PM-225 phone has a USB support. So you can use the usb data cable for the phone to connect it to computer. The phone is typically recognized by the computer as an accessory, with the proper driver installed on the computer. After that you can transfer any pictures to or from your phone. If data cable is not available, it will be available in the shop u brought the phone.

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How do you loan pictures from Verizon LG to Computer?

you dont loan pictures between devices. you can transfer them using a usb cable, save them to the SDcard or email them to yourself then download on the computer

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How do you download pictures from a LG PM-225 camera phone?

Some carriers for a cell phone might want a person to use their resources to download pictures from the phone to the internet. This might require that the user have an online account with the carrier. If the LG PM-225 camera phone is connected to the computer with a data or USB cord, the phone should prompt the user to follow the instructions on the screen of the computer.

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Why am i getting duplicates messages on my lg banter touch?

go to the lg website and go to support and click your provider and phone brand and there is a software to download too your computer then you plug your phone in and follow the directions. it fixed it for me :)

How do you transfer pictures from LG flip camera phone into computer?

Unless both the phone and the computer have either blue-tooth or Infra Red capabilities - the simplest option is a suitable USB cable.

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