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How do you drain inground pool without causing damage to it?

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It depends on if you mean damage to the liner, the bottom or the walls. The liners go bad and shrink if not kept wet and evidentally this can happen very quickly. The walls should be held in place with braces and a concrete footer if it was installed properly and the weight of the concrete apron (sidewalk around pool should keep walls in place so these should normally be safe. The pool bottom if it is not too old is probably a mix of vermiculite adn cement from 2-4inches thick and this can be damaged if your water table is high in your area. If this is true them hopefully who ever installed pool should have put in a sump or french drains help keep water from coming up under pool and pushing the bottom up. You have to remember that at some point your pool didnt have water in it. ie during construction.

2007-06-03 01:52:41
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When inground pool is running on filter is the drain open or closed?


Pool not running for 2 years inground do you drain or is that bad?

Vacuum the pool. If you have to drain it, only drain it half way. Floating pools are a disaster.

How do you drain an inground swimming pool?

You don't drain an inground swimming pool, unless you are trained to do so. Doing it alone or even with assistance is extremely dangerous. Save yourself some trouble and go contact a local and trained swimming pool cleaning service.

Is it wrong to drain your plaster pool when the temperature is above 100?

Why would you drain your pool just becasue the water is hot? Never drain your inground pool unless you have first cut holes in the bottom of the pool to keep it from floating. If the water table in your area is high enough, your inground pool could "float" out of the ground, effectively ruining your pool.

What causes water to get behind and inground pool liner when you drain it?

sounds like there is ground water getting in there somehow

How do you remove excess rain water in inground pool?

To remove excess rain water in an inground pool, you likely want to get a filter. You can also install a drain at the very bottom of the pool, but this will need to be closed if there were water in the pool for swimming.

What could be causing kitchen sink to not drain when there is no clog?

another clog, further down the drain pipe. You need a drain snake.

When you do want to use the skimmer vs the drain on an inground pool?

The skimmer is the healthiest method for removing water from a pool for filtration at all times

Can you drain an inground pool with the pools back wash?

Depends on your setup. Do you have a working bottom drain and a side skimmer basket? I only have the side skimmer basket, so once the level goes below the skimmer the pump will run dry. I have to attach a vacuum line to my skimmer basket so that the vacuum head sits at the bottom of the pool then I can backwash as much water out as I want. You should note that I have read draining all the water from an inground pool will damage the pool as the walls and liner rely on the water pressure to keep shape.

If theres water in the oil will it steam away without bearing damage in a 60 series?

Nope. Sorry, but the only way is to drain the oil, find the reason for the water in the oil,repair the problem and check for bearing damage.

How long can water be out of an inground pool before any kind of damage occurs?

is it a liner or concrete?...if it's a liners DON'T drain it any more then about 6 in. in the shallow end the liner will shrink...if should be fine as long as you don't have a high water table close to the pool.good luck

How do you determine if the instrument cluster is causing a drain on the battery in a 1987 corvette?

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Should you leave your inground pool empty for winter?

No. You just drain out enough water to close up the skimmers/plumbing, but the pool remains mostly full.

What is a hub drain?

It's a floor drain without a strainer that you can run other drain lines to, such as the drain line from a freezer in a supermarket.

How do you drain a inground pool step by step?

I need to drain my inground swimming pool I have never done this I know that I use a hose but I don't know where to place it and how get the water flowing my pool has been very neglected newly divorced and need help please. Or can I just treat the existing water with chemicals and always cleaning my filters clean. Thank You very much in helping me if someone can.

Does drain cleaner cause damage to mtal pipes?

Yes. Both caustic and acid based drain cleaners can do damage to your metal pipes. Instead, you can try an all natural remedy of pouring baking soda down the drain followed by vinegar.

Can putting in an inground pool cause a basement water problem?

Well, it could if ~ You install next to a foundation and you develop a leak in the pool. The extra water being splashed from the pool into the ground may also be causing a problem. It may pay to put an agg drain between the pool and the cellar to handle the excess water

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When it's really hot outside, the heat can case the battery case to swell. The heat can also drain the battery causing it to go dead, and can cause permanent damage.

Who is responsible for adjoining driveway drain damage?

Your answer depends on who owns the driveway, and who damaged the drain. Best practices dictate that you file a police report and contact your insurance carrier, who can sort out who pays for the repair of the damage.

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It is not recommended to use bleach or drain cleaner in garbage disposals. the chemicals can cause corrosion and can splash up, causing damage to counter areas and nearby persons. It is best to follow your disposal's instructions for cleaning and remove and clear the j-trap of the sink instead.

How do you drain your pool?

For Draining a pool, I use my pump that I use during the winter to pump off the cover. I start it out on the first step of the inground pool and move it down accordingly.

Would a bad solenoid discharge the battery?

If the defect is causing a parasitic drain, yes.

Can you drain a fiberglass pool?

Not recommended. If the fiberglass pool floats, it will do considerable damage.

How do you paint the inside of an inground cement pool when water keeps coming in from the main drain?

You should install a small pump 1/6 horse lets say, let it run.