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old wives tale that seems to work in our house -

warm some milk, put a small piece of bread in the milk and let it soak up as much milk as possible. Remove the bread, letting the excess milk drip out. I know this sounds disgusting, but tape the milk-soaked bread to the sore and go to sleep. In the morning there will be no more pus. The bread/milk works as a suction to remove any pus and liquid. This allows you to combat the rest of the infection (if there is any left) by an antibacterial ointment.

This trick works great on boils aswell!

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2008-01-27 17:04:33
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Q: How do you draw out an infection from an ingrown hair?
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Is it possible to get an ingrown hair on your breast?

Certainly, you can get an ingrown hair anywhere on your body.

How do you take out an ingrown hair?

Do not pick at it because that may start an infection but the best way is to gently remove it with tweezers.

What solutions are available for ingrown hair removal?

There are specific hair removal products, like Olay Hair Removal, that can help with removing ingrown hairs. One can also use acne medication on the ingrown hair area to help with ingrown hair removal.

Why do you keep getting ingrown hairs?

Ingrown hair are caused by shaving, waxing and wearing tight clothing. People who have a coarser hair have the highest possibly to develop ingrown hair.

What do you call an infected hair on an elephants butt?

hair cant get infected. this is an urban myth. it can be ingrown, and in grown hair is called ingrown hair.

Will teabags help ingrown hair?

Some people think that teabags do help with ingrown hairs. Some people do not think that teabags help with a ingrown hair.

Can an ingrown hair grow under your skin?

yes! that's why its called an 'ingrown' hair.... because it is stuck in your skin

Do ingrown hairs sometimes itch?

yes a symptom of ingrown hair is itching

What is a pilonidal abscess?

A pilonidal abscess, or pilonidal cyst, is an infection occurring near the intergluteal cleft. It's often caused by an ingrown hair.

How do you treat a pustule?

ingrown hair

Is it OK to have small bumps on penis?

The bumps may simply be hair follicles that are irritated, or may have an ingrown hair. If it is painful, sore or showing signs of an infection, you should consult a doctor.

How to Remove an Ingrown Hair?

Ingrown hairs are annoying and painful. Letting the hair grow out and free itself from the skin. This can be done with daily moisturizing and soft exfoliation to slowly remove the dead skin cells that are blocking the hair from reaching the surface. If you wish to remove the hair, it is possible the hair will become ingrown once again; however, a gentle pinching at the site of the ingrown hair should release the hair so you can pluck it.

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