How do you enter battle striker web code?

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2011-06-05 15:20:00

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go to Google then tipe CodeWeb then tipe 45199 or 37899

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2011-06-05 15:20:00
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Q: How do you enter battle striker web code?
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Where do you enter battle strikers web codes?

why would anybody waist their time with those? you probaly look at the code and type it in.

Where do you enter a build a bearville code?

1. Go to Champ online at the Buildabearworkshop store. 2. He says enter a recipt code or a web code. 3. Enter your code.

Where do you enter build a bearville cheats?

Go to the workshop, click on champ and select enter a web code.

What are some battle strikers web codes?

the first code is: 45199 the second code is: 37899

Where do you enter the code?

There are many places where you could enter a code on your computer including the text bar. You could also enter codes in special boxes on specific web pages.

Where do you enter the gormiti codes?

online at in the code box

Where is the Build-a-Bearville code button?

Hi! To enter a code you have to log in and go to Buildabear Workshop and click on the vanilla bear behind the desk. He will have a list of things that you can do, but click on the circle that says Enter a Web Code. Then enter your code. Or, if you have a receipt code, click the Enter a Receipt Code circle. Hope this helps!

Battle Strikers web codes?

the first code is 45199 the second 37899

Build-A-Bearville how do you enter a web code?

First, you go to Build-A-Bear Workshop by clicking on map in the top right corner and there will be a bear named Champ behind the counter. Click on him and they will give you these options : Bring furry friends to life online, enter a web code, enter a receipt code, enter your Stuff Fur Stuff number and receipt code to redeem your bear bills, and redeem a virtual party room. If you are looking to enter a web code, click, well, enter a Webcode. I hope this helped! If you ever see my on Build-A-Bearville, add me. My name is BriannePaws11 !

How do you enter the code to the world wide wiz web wizard of waverley place?


What do you do with a family code?

You go to [---edited for content, web address---] and then another box should pop out then you enter the log in code

Is there a code to unlock a pet on wizard 101?

No. There is no code to unlock a pet. Anybody asking you to go to a web site and enter a code is trying to scam you.

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