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there are buttons on the face of the radio itself that are numbered 1 thru 5, and your car would have come from the factory with a 5 digit radio code, if you can locate the small book that is for the radio someone should have made a record of it on the inside cover, otherwise there is no way of putting the code in unless you already have the 5 digit number, the number was given to the original owner in the form of a card for a wallet from what I hear.

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Q: How do you enter the radio code on 1987 XJ6?
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Radio code for jaguar xj6 1994?

I install a new starter and lost my radio, and i have no code4 it, I have a 1995 XJ6 can anyone help

How do I get the code for the radio 1994 XJ6?

Bring your VIN and ID to Jaguar dealer (parts) and ask for the radio code.

How do you enter the code on your radio after disconnecting and connecting the battery back on the 1993 XJ6?

Turn the key to acc to allow the radio to come on, wait for it to display CODE, and then enter your 4 didgit radio code. If you make a mistake, turn the key off and on, and try again. If you make 5 mistakes, turn the key on to acc, wait 1 hour, and it will reset.

Do you have radio code for a 93 jaguar xj6?

You have to call the dealer and give them your VIN each car is unique. or get Jaguar radio codes online at:

My battery went dead in my 1998 Jaguar XK8 and now the radio won't work do I need a code to reprogram it?

If it's the same as a 1994 XJ6, there is a code under the bonnet on the driver's side (at the top when open). Enter the last 4 digits. If there's no sticker, you need to remove the radio to get the serial number, and contact a dealer.

Will Jaguar xjs wheels fit on Jaguar xj6?

Yes XJS wheels will fit XJ6; I know for a 1987 Jaguar but not sure about any other years I have run XJS wheels on my 1987 XJ6

Who manufactured the 95 Jag XJ6 radio?


Where do you find the Radio code for 1993 xj6 sovereign?

Any Jaguar Dealership should be able to get the code for you, but they will probably make a charge to do so, and they will probably want to see documents to prove that you own the car (and therefore the radio in it) to show that you are not dealing with a stolen radio from someone elses car.

Jaguar 1994 xj6 radio code?

Apparently there is a white sticker on the under side of the bonnet on the driver's side that looks like a bar code (so I'm told). The last 4 digits are the code for the radio. Our car doesn't have the sticker so it hasn't helped us.

What type of transmission fluid is needed for a 1987 jaguar xj6?


Donde esta la Ubicacion del Rele Para el Motor limpiaparabrisas Jaguar 1987 XJ6?

Ubicacion del Relay del Limpiaparabrisas de un Jaguar XJ6 1987

How do you reset the radio code in a 1992 Jaguar XJ6?

There is a plastic card in the owner's manual with the 4 digit radio code. Turn on radio, enter code and it will reset and play. If you cannot find the card, try to conmtact prior owner. If no luck, contact service department where car has been repaired and they should have it in their computer. After that, email vin # to Jaguar corporation and see if they have it. Note Often you will find it written on a piece of paper stuck to the underside of you engine hood. It is a 4 digit code. Be careful entering the code as you will only get 3 chances, It will then lock you out for 24 hours before you can try again.

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