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By all means be on time if not early. Be sure to dress appropreitly make sure your appearance is clean and neat by makeing sure that your clothes match aswell as accessories such as belt & shoes. black pants and visible white socks are a nogo. Make sure underneath your fingernails are clean and you have fresh breath. Durring the interview stay focused and listen don't interrupt, but ask questons especially if you sre not sure about something. Do research on the company/position let the interviewer know tell them what you find interresting/challengeing tell them what you hope to accomplish aswell as what assets that you have and how you are going to use them if givin the job. The interviewer most likely will ask those questons anyway. Ask youself those questons long before your interview. Be confident, respectful, and attentive.when leaving shake hands tell them how nice it was to hjave met then andand be sure to use Mr./mrs. /ms. then their name that will help show that you have been paying attention Those are some of the things i look for when i interview someome.

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Q: How do you explain that you are reliable and pay attention to detail in the interview?
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Attention to detail is more important than speed to me

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Sometimes a potential employer asks why they should interview you over someone else that has the same qualifications. Refer to your dependability, positive work ethic, and attention to detail.

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This is a common interview question. An answer depending on the position would be, 'I think attention to detail and team work are critical to this job.' The answer can be tailored to the job you are applying for.

What question will be asked in an interview for a quality assurance personnel job at a call center?

One question that may be asked during an interview for a quality assurance job is " Describe a complication problem and how to handle it?" During the interview they may ask for the potential employee to list their skills and attention to detail should be one of those skills.

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