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How do you explain why phase changes are reversible?


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explain why phase changes are reversible for solid to liquid and gas to liquid

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Phase changes are accompanied with optical contrast and therefore the feasibility of phase.

All phase change are reversible.

Because atoms only go through phase changes

See "Related Questions". Phase changes are reversible by adding or subtracting heat. In many cases chemical changes are not easily reversed.

The boiling of water and cooling of water vapor is a reversible reaction because phase changes are not chemical changes but are physical changes, and they are reversible. The water becomes liquid again, and the hydrogen bonds re-form between molecules.

yes , all the physical changes are reversible changes.

The difference between reversible and irreversible is that reversible changes can be changed and irreversible changes cannot. Apart from sometimes but it usually is really hard. Also when the change is reversible no new substances are formed. When the changes are irreversible they are. Something that is reversible can be changed, something that is irreversible cannot be changed. For example, bread into toast is an irreversible reaction, because you cannot turn the toast back into bread.

Reversible changes are those changes which can change into their original form, hence being reversible.

Non-reversible changes are essentially changes that cannot be reversed back to their previous states. They are considered permanent. Most chemical changes and some physical changes are non-reversible changes.

the changes which can be reversed by reversing the conditions are reversible changes. the changes which cannot be reversed by reversing the conditions are irreversible changes.

A physical change is reversible, however, chemical changes are reversible.

All physical changes are reversible.

chemical reactions are irreversible but physical changes are reversible

Not all physical changes are reversible because most times when such changes occur parts of the substance is lost to the environment.

The possibility for reversible chemical reactions exist.

Yes, some chemical reactions may be reversible.

reversible changes in matter are those which can be change in its same condition and irreversible changes in matter are those which can not be change in their same condition.

Physical changes are reversible. Water turns into ice cubes at lower temperatures and back to water at room temperature

phase changes are always physical changes

Yes it is it's not reversible but physical changes are

Is a changes which is reversible no new substance is made.

Reversible physical changes are those changes which can come back to their originals.Irreversible physical changes are those changes which can noa come back to their originals.

Most cooking processes are chemical reactions. Generally, the reactions are non reversible and once cooked, food cannot be returned to an uncooked state. So, frying potatoes causes a non reversible chemical reaction. The question is not as precise as it might be. Changes can be physical or chemical. They can also be reversible or non reversible but it is important to note that many chemical changes are reversible just as many physical changes are reversible.

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