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explain why phase changes are reversible for solid to liquid and gas to liquid

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Q: How do you explain why phase changes are reversible?
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Why phase changes are reversible?

Phase changes are accompanied with optical contrast and therefore the feasibility of phase.

Why phase change is reversible?

All phase change are reversible.

Explain why a phase changes are a property of an atom?

Because atoms only go through phase changes

Why is a phase change only a physical change?

See "Related Questions". Phase changes are reversible by adding or subtracting heat. In many cases chemical changes are not easily reversed.

A reversible physical change that occurs when a substance changes from one state of matter to another?

a phase change

Are all physical changes are reversible changes?

yes , all the physical changes are reversible changes.

How the boiling water and cooling of water vapor is a reversible reaction?


Explain the difference between reversible and irreversible changes?

The difference between reversible and irreversible is that reversible changes can be changed and irreversible changes cannot. Apart from sometimes but it usually is really hard. Also when the change is reversible no new substances are formed. When the changes are irreversible they are. Something that is reversible can be changed, something that is irreversible cannot be changed. For example, bread into toast is an irreversible reaction, because you cannot turn the toast back into bread.

What is reversible change?

Reversible changes are those changes which can change into their original form, hence being reversible.

What chemical changes are reversible?

none are reversible

Are condensation and evaporation irreversible or reversible changes?


What are non reversible changes?

Non-reversible changes are essentially changes that cannot be reversed back to their previous states. They are considered permanent. Most chemical changes and some physical changes are non-reversible changes.

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