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You will need just flaxseeds, a pot for the stove, filtered water, a cheesecloth, a bowl, and a glass storage container with a lid.

For every spoonful of flaxseed, use a cup of water. Boil for ten minutes and you should see a whole lot of oil accumulate. Let it cool and then strain it into a bowl with the cheesecloth, using your hands to press the oil out. I lay the cloth over a bowl, pour the concoction on it and gather the end of the cloth to make a sack, then squeeze downward. Store it in the fridge.

Another way is to prepare it is to just let the seeds sit in boiled water for a few hours instead putting them through the rolling boil.

I make my own instead of buying it from a store because this oil is very delicate and can turn rancid quickly.

Quick note: if you don't have time to make the oil, at least grind the seeds or else they are not digestible. Never buy ground flaxseed as they become oxidized quickly, lose the nutritional benefit and actually can do harm to your system!

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Q: How do you extract flaxseed oil at home?
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