How do you fight sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts II and beat him?

I have just beaten him and i find that the guide really helped there are tons of websites out there so just type your question in on Google an you'll find loads of help. I had the ultima weapon on because of the mp hastega ability and i was at level 82. My shortcuts wear elixir, hi-potions, reflect and cure. You definitely need retailiating slash, high jump and areial dodge lvl.2-3 and trinity. It helps to have guard, counterguard, aerial spiral and sweep, slide dash, hp haste, glide, quick run, leaf bracer and aerial recovery. He is imune to magic and his attacks are type weapon, fire, dark and non elemental so stock up on armor to protect you against these. There is lots of help out there and once you learn the patterns in his moves it is really easy. In fact is you type how do you beat Sepiroth in Kingdom Hearts 2 into WikiAnswers you will find that someone has already answered this question, happy to help!