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How do you file a claim against an auto repair business?

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If it relates to a franchise business the consumer might wish to discuss the matter with a customer service rep at the corporate level before initiating legal action. In lieu of such, the consumer can file a suit in the appropriate state court in their state of residency. Small claims is always the best option if the circumstances warrant, as it is the simplest and least expensive form of litigation.

2006-08-03 18:58:19
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Q: How do you file a claim against an auto repair business?
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Can you have repair payment check made to you or must be paid to repair shop?

Is the auto insurance provider required to make your repair claim check to the repair shop?

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There are many things you need in order to start an auto body paint and repair business. Most important, you need a college education.

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What are the different opportunities for starting an automotive business?

There are a variety of opportunties from auto repair shop to used car repair reseller these are some of the popular avenues when it comes to the automotive business.

Can auto repair shops charge labor for repairs in Ct?

Yes, they have to in order to stay in business.

If I were in an accident and the other driver is faulted there insurance provider has paid the claim do I need to have the auto repair done or can I keep the money?

You can keep the money. You don't have to repair the car.

How can I open my own Auto Repair Shop?

To open your own auto repair shop, or any business for that matter, you'll need to obtain a business permit, financing and secure a location. You'll then need to hire employees, get forms, advertising and so forth.

What auto repair companies are located in Houston?

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How do you repair the windshield wiper fluid pump on a 2000 ford focus?

You replace it. Check a used auto parts business. Or go to Auto Zone.

Can a repo company take possession of vehicle from a place of business like an auto repair shop?


What is needed to be done to get into an auto body repair school?

There are no pre-requisites to have an auto body repair business. You just have to enroll in some schools. You can check it here for more information

Would a regular auto body repair shop be able to fix a cracked bumper?

Many times local auto repair shops do have the ability to fix a cracked bumper. However, for the best repair options you should contact an auto body repair shop. Auto body repair shops specialize in these types of issues and will have all the necessary equipment and expertise. Remember, some major franchises and small business shops may have both auto repair and auto body options. Don’t forget to call at least three shops to receive estimates, to insure the best deal.

Can auto body repair be done at a dealership or only at an auto body repair center?

Many dealerships will also provide auto body repair.

How do you own your own auto repair shop?

To become an auto repair shop owner you will need to have training in that field. You will also need to create name and get a business license. You will then need to rent or purchase a shop for you to do all of your work.

What is a good name for an auto repair shop?

"Dewy, Cheatem and Howe Auto Repair"

What are the names of some auto repair shops in Denver?

There are quite a few auto repair shops located in Denver, Colorado. Some of their names are Addison Auto Repair and Body Shop, Toy Doctor Inc., and Downing Auto Repair.

How can I find out if soomeone has auto insurance?

If you have had an accident with this person then his insurance information should be present on the accident report. If you have no claim on this person's auto insurance then it is not your business whether or not he has insurance.

Are there any auto mechanics who can repair my bumper?

If you are wondering if there are any auto mechanics who can repair your bumper because your bumper is broken, then the answer is yes. There auto mechanics that can repair your bumper.

Where can you get auto repairs?

Auto repair shops.

Has there been a decline in auto insurance business?

yes. The recession has caused a slight decline in auto insurance business. Some people in states which don't require auto insurance are opting against it, and some even in those that do require it.

Why drop an auto insurance claim?

Once you submit an auto insurance claim can your provider deny it?

Where can I get collision repair done in Charlotte?

There are many options for body repair on a car. Some options include: Woodie's Auto Service, Charlotte Auto Repair, Almar Auto Repair, and Body Works Plus.

Do you need a license to be an auto mechanic?

In Connecticut you need a license for the repair business but not for a mechanic. A certification would be to your benefit but not necessary.